Founded in 1972, Magna Publications serves the higher education community supporting professional development.

Magna Commons

Magna Commons is a subscription-based, on-demand, online, and campus-wide digital library of all of Magna Online Seminars. Suitable for faculty and administrators.

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Comprehensive professional development, that works around ANY schedule

Magna Commons is an online, cloud-based professional development resource for faculty and administrators.

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Note: The free trial is only for higher education administrators. Only one free trial per institution.


With a yearly subscription, your entire campus will have on-demand access to a library of the best Magna Online Seminars. Because all seminars are online, users can access this resource whenever and wherever they are. Watch seminars at home, at work, in a group, on a tablet, or even on a smartphone.


  • Featuring leading educators and consultants
  • Thought-provoking, content-rich presentations
  • Lively discussions that give practical and actionable results
  • Campus-wide- all faculty members can access all programs for an entire year
  • Flexible- Watch seminars at home, at work, in a group, on a tablet, or even on a phone
  • Accessible- transcripts included for each program


Seminars are appropriate for faculty and administrators. For faculty, topics are applicable to face-to-face and online classes. Both traditional and distance administrators will find valuable resources.

Topics include:

For Faculty
  • Grading & feedback
  • Academic integrity
  • Syllabus development
  • Online course design
  • Student engagement
  • Issues with students
  • Technology Instructional vitality
  • Technology in face-to-face classes
  • Course design
For Administrators
  • Managing faculty
  • Online program quality
  • Strategy, policy & budgets
  • Online marketing, recruitment & retention
  • Leadership
  • Online technology
  • Program assessment

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Experience all the features of Magna Commons with a free trial.

Once your request has been approved, you will have full access to Magna Commons for two weeks

In the free trial, explore the vast array of programs and topics available by watching as many presentations as you like. You will also have access to the handouts, transcripts, discussion guide, certificates of completion, and supplemental materials.

Request Your Free Trial Today!

Note: The free trial is only for higher education administrators. Only one free trial per institution.



Magna Commons is a library of Magna Online Seminars. These seminars address critical issues facing faculty and administrators today. They are composed of 20% background information and 80% actionable, here’s how, information.


Included with your subscription to Magna Commons:

  • Campus-wide access via an authorization code
  • Certificates of completion
  • PowerPoint handouts
  • Supplemental materials custom designed for each seminar
  • Complete transcript of each program
  • Hundreds of hours of professional development seminars
  • New seminars added regularly with user email notification

Use Magna Commons for:

  • Personalized professional development
  • Just-in-time learning
  • New hires orientation
  • Group meetings and discussion

This on-demand service eliminates the need for travel or CDs and provides instant access to a complete faculty and administrator professional development library at an extremely affordable price.


With the wealth of topics available in Magna Commons, and unlimited access for your campus, each member of the community can tailor his or her learning to their professional development needs.

It’s a flexible, practical means for everyone at your institution to build knowledge and improve performance. It really is an extraordinary collection of educational resources.

For more information or to purchase please contact Magna Sales at or call 800-433-0499 ext. 183.

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