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The Wellbeing Elixir

Help your team fight anxiety, burnout, and other mental health challenges

Now’s the Time to Make Mental Health a Priority for Your Faculty and Staff

One thing that is common across higher education right now is burnout. This is a sensitive issue because it affects everyone differently and no one really wants to talk about it very much.

What would happen if your faculty and staff were rejuvenated and fully ready to meet the challenges ahead? What if they could spend one hour a month to get the well-being guidance, they so desperately need from education experts? How would that impact productivity on your campus?

Right now, Magna is offering a special course presented by educators, for educators.


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Building Stronger Faculty and Staff

Developed by educators for educators, The Wellbeing Elixir, is a completely different Magna Online Course. Higher education professionals will explore wellbeing and resilience so they can be stronger and less stressed in their personal and professional lives. The presenters of The Wellbeing Elixir are educators like you. They have gone through similar challenges and searched for answers from both ancient traditions and modern scientific methods. They will guide you step-by-step through this hybrid online course. You will learn how to be more resilient when you experience setbacks in your career and personal life. And you will gain the tools to help others, too.

Through this six-unit Magna Online Course, you and your faculty will explore several concepts related to wellbeing and resilience, including:

  • Exploring what gives your life meaning
  • Learning self-care strategies to improve mind, body, and spirit
  • Practicing biofeedback mechanisms and learning the role of neuroplasticity to support your wellbeing
  • Discussing ancient traditions and learning what science says about these methods today
  • Learning how you can contribute to a more joyful workplace
  • Making meaningful connections with your peers, from your campus or anywhere else in the country
  • Identifying your core values and characteristics, and learning how to apply them so you can lead a more fulfilled, meaningful life

Spend less than 1 hour per month to build a better you!

This course includes:

  • 4 hours of video
  • 1 hour of reading materials, activities per unit (six units total)

Optional: Monthly Zoom gatherings to answer your questions

Learning Goals

At the completion of The Wellbeing Elixir, participants will be able to:

  • Identify challenges to your personal wellbeing
  • Write a personal mission statement that reflects your “why” and what gives your life meaning
  • Define compassion, gratitude, grit, generosity, mindfulness, and confidence and how these skills can enhance your sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • Apply a process of ongoing self-evaluation to personal performance improvement
  • Create a personal and professional development vision and plan to enhance your sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • Identify resources that can help you build your resiliency skills and enhance your personal and professional journey

Topics Covered:

  • Unit 1 Building Blocks of Happiness and Resilience
  • Unit 2: Mindfulness and Automatic Negative Thoughts
  • Unit 3: Self-Compassion and Gratitude
  • Unit 4: Self-Efficacy and Confidence
  • Unit 5: Core Values and Goal Setting
  • Unit 6: Generosity and Joy at Work

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A Course Unlike Any Other

The Wellbeing Elixir includes a mix of asynchronous learning and monthly, live group Zoom sessions. Each month, the presenters Drs. Seena and Stuart Haines will host a zoom meeting for all the course participants. This is your time to ask questions, receive feedback, and learn from your peers. You’ll appreciate the added depth that this learning community will add to your experience. The synchronous portion of this course–which is unlike any other course Magna Online offers–includes a monthly Zoom session. You’ll meet with your fellow participants and the course presenters. No other course gives you this kind of regular, direct access to the course presenters. Participants can move through the course at their own pace throughout the year and check-in each month for deeper learning and discussion. Join during the month you begin the course; the schedule will repeat, and you’ll be able to complete all 12 topics.

Check out the Zoom group session topics and schedule!

The asynchronous portion of the course features videos, transcripts, supplementary materials, assignments, and reflection questions to further enhance your learning. Each module provides materials that support many styles of learning and offers additional research for those who want to dig deeper into a particular subject.

You can complete these videos and assignments on your own schedule. At the end of the six units, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Because you’ll have access to all course materials for a full year, you can revisit and refresh your learning as you progress through your wellness goals.

Achieving overall wellbeing and resilience is a balance of physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual practices and indicators. If you’re like many other education professionals, you recognize this. Maybe you’ve taken some steps to improve your well-being, or have tried to help your colleagues and students. But this is a heavy burden to bear, especially alone. Start building a better you with The Wellbeing Elixir!

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