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Connecting with Students in Large-Section Classes

Large classes are an unpleasant fact of life on many college campuses. The challenge of teaching hundreds of students at a time in a single, lecture-style setting can be daunting. This online seminar, presented by Dr. Anthony Sweat of Brigham Young University, will reveal practical techniques for reaching your pedagogical goals in large classes.

Large class lecture features numerous students taking exam

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Overcome the Obstacles in Teaching Large Classes

Almost any educator will say that reaching students so that they feel connected to their instructor, to the course material, and to fellow students fosters an ideal learning environment. With the right approaches, you can attain these goals in large-section classes.

Using these techniques specifically designed for large classes, educators will more easily manage their workload while igniting student interest.

This online seminar reveals effective strategies for success that can be applied to almost any large class in any discipline. Explore how to spur in-class participation, make connections with and between students, and generate meaningful comments on assignments and assessments in large classes for a rewarding education experience.

Learning Goals

Showing faculty members new pedagogical approaches for large classes can help them manage the classroom with greater authority. Instead of feeling lost or unheard in an overflowing, auditorium-type classroom, students will also gain from these new methodologies by developing a deeper interest in their studies and better personal interactions with class members.

After viewing this online seminar, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Have a working knowledge of active learning in a large-class setting
  • Apply the Know, Feel, and Do model of active learning
  • Set up grading rubrics for students and teaching assistants
  • Provide personal, peer, and automated student feedback through creative course designs

Educators who understand how to turn their large-section classrooms into intimate learning spaces will more readily fulfill their teaching goals. And your students will walk away feeling more enriched and respected.

Topics Covered

Acquire insights and tools for breaking down barriers in large classes and connecting with your students on multiple levels. With proven strategies taken directly from the work and research of presenter Anthony Sweat, you’ll discover a realistic plan for overcoming the obstacles posed by large classes. This online seminar discusses how to accomplish the following:

  • Spark meaningful, engaging student participation
  • Make your formative and summative feedback and assessments feel personal and individual
  • Forge strong bonds with and between students
  • Execute these techniques in a variety of disciplines and situations
  • Share these techniques with other faculty members


Faculty members who teach large-section classes and those who manage and support them will gain key advantages by watching this online seminar. It will be especially useful to the following:

  • Assistant, associate, and full professors of large-section courses
  • Graduate student teachers
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Faculty teaching in-service leaders
  • Administrators who oversee teaching of and learning in large-section classes
  • Faculty and administrators at both two- and four-year institutions
  • Faculty and administrators at both public and private institutions

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Large class lecture features numerous students taking exam

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