Transform Conflict into Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Leaders

Gain the expertise to transform conflict into collaboration, innovation, and improvement. Take away immediate tools and strategies to navigate healthy conflict, foster personal and professional growth, and guide others through challenging situations.


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Conflict is a natural part of any environment, and when teams aren’t equipped to handle it, it can really take a toll on culture and productivity. It can feel unavoidable and inevitable, due in part to issues like miscommunication, lack of communication, misinformation, not considering others, or just avoiding the problem altogether.

In the constantly changing world of education today, leaders are dealing with more turnover, disruptions, unprofessional culture, and reduced productivity than usual. These challenges arise from various factors but struggling to engage in and address those tough conversations head-on can intensify their negative impacts.

It’s time to turn conflict into a catalyst for innovation and improvement with Transform Conflict into Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Leaders, an in-depth 75-minute Magna Online Seminar led by Sara Vose Melita who brings 25+ years’ experience in leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and process improvement as a consultant, executive coach, facilitator, and trainer.

Sara will delve into the vital skill of conflict management in academic leadership and highlight its role in building trust, problem-solving, and driving progress. You’ll not only learn about diverse conflict management styles but also gain access to a practical tool for navigating productive, healthy conflict.

This Magna Online Seminar goes beyond theory, spotlighting valuable resources for continuous learning in conflict management. This empowers you to develop these skills in real-time during conflicts. You’ll finish this online seminar equipped with practical tools and techniques immediately applicable for personal growth and guiding others through tough situations.

Three Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss This!

  1. Boost Team Culture and Productivity: Unaddressed conflict can harm team culture and productivity. Learn strategies to handle conflict, addressing issues like miscommunication and avoidance, for a positive team environment.
  2. Overcome Current Educational Challenges: Educational leaders face increased turnover and disruptions. Overcome these challenges by gaining insights to effectively manage conflicts, fostering a resilient educational environment.
  3. Collaboration and Innovation through Conflict Transformation: Leverage Sara Vose Melita’s 25+ years of direct experience to turn conflict into collaboration and gain practical tools for immediate application and coaching others.


What are the learning goals?

Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Define conflict, its benefits, and what it means to be skilled at conflict management
  • Compare the conflict styles to help you become more aware of the choices you and others make in conflict situations
  • Implement a process and key planning questions that will help you engage in productive healthy conflict
  • Acquire techniques that you can use to navigate difficult situations

Who should attend?

  • Deans and Associate Deans
  • Faculty Developers
  • Center for Teaching & Learning Directors
  • Provosts and Chief Academic Officers
  • Vice Presidents
  • Faculty
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Department Heads and Chairs

If you are interested in registering a group for this live Magna Online Seminar, please contact our Customer Service team at for more details.


What’s included?

Your seminar registration includes the following:

  • On-demand access
  • Written transcript
  • Supplemental materials
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

There is no limit to how many times the seminar is accessed while available on-demand.


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