Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty

Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty

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Want to master techniques and strategies for active learning? We have the answer right here.

Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty is the aptly named guide for faculty members like you.

With active learning practices on the rise in college and university classrooms, educators are seeking pedagogically sound information about the best ways to integrate and execute this teaching approach.

Active learning asks students to engage with the course material on a deeper level through reading, writing, talking, and listening exercises that push them into new ways of thinking about what they're learning. Teachers design activities for small and cooperative groups, spark classroom discussions, and help students participate directly in their own learning, in contrast to being passive lecture listeners.



Covering every major aspect of this popular teaching strategy, Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty pulls together insightful viewpoints and realistic solutions. You'll see how to apply active learning in both small and large classes as well as in an online teaching environment. Whether you are new to active learning or experienced in it, this comprehensive reference book can guide you every step of the way.

This is the latest offering from Magna Publications, a provider of resources designed to foster awareness and understanding of the key issues facing educators and to help you advance your skills. We strive to deliver valuable content that you can put to use immediately. We aim to simplify complex issues and deliver clear, actionable guidance so you can focus your energies on efforts that effectively and efficiently enhance your students’ learning.



Even seasoned educators are likely to have questions about active learning, but the answers are just a page turn away. Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty is written by teachers for teachers. In 150 accessible pages, every question about active learning commonly encountered is addressed, including starting and managing discussions, individual and group activities, cooperative learning structures, and more.

Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty gives every instructor—regardless of skill level—an action plan and strategic guidance for setting up an active learning classroom, with expert help on how to

  • Use discussions to facilitate learning
  • Draw out introverts to engage with fellow students
  • Create a dynamic and lively learning environment
  • Use team teaching with fellow faculty to achieve mutual goals
  • Measure what and how well students learn
  • Surmount the unique challenges in large or oversized classes
  • Use informal writing assignments to foster student thinking
  • Put together engrossing group work sessions
  • Assign students to groups that challenge them constructively



This book gives you strategies that you can put to use right away to bring active learning into your classroom. You'll see how to sharpen your existing active learning proficiency. You'll discover realistic techniques for making active learning work in small, large, and even online groups of students. Institutions can also order 10 or more print copies in bulk to share across departments to expand faculty awareness and adoption of active learning.

Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty is the kind of resource that you'll turn to again and again for timely, trustworthy expertise in this exciting area of education—at a price that is surprisingly easy on the wallet.

  • Paperback: 133 pages
  • Published by: Magna Publications, 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-912150-61-1
  • Formats available: Print, Amazon Kindle



Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty
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