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Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators


Adjuncts have a looser connection to your institution than your full-time faculty; it comes with the territory. But a well-supported, cohesive adjunct cohort is essential to achieving your institution’s goals for instructional quality and student outcomes. Purchase multiple copies of this book and take advantage of bulk pricing.

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Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators

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If your institution’s cohort of adjuncts is like most, it’s been put together on an ad hoc basis based on instructional needs. As a result, you might be lacking the proper framework to support and manage those adjuncts.

That can be a problem. In addition to creating an atmosphere of inefficiency and uncertainty, the absence of sound oversight can lead to issues ranging from declining retention to poor student outcomes.

Fortunately, recent years have seen the establishment of best practices in adjunct management, and youll find a wealth of them in Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators.

Topics Covered

This collection of articles drawn from the newsletters Academic Leader, Recruitment and Retention, and Distance Education Report features some of higher educations leading voices offering guidance and perspective on adjunct management. The book includes sections dedicated to adjuncts working in both traditional and online classrooms. It covers issues including:

  • Retaining and supporting adjuncts
  • Monitoring performance and resource needs
  • Developing policies for adjunct support
  • Identifying professional development opportunities that engage adjunct faculty
  • Getting online adjuncts on board quickly and effectively
  • Supporting adjuncts in small online programs
  • Understanding the impact of adjuncts on admissions
  • Equipping adjuncts with tools for online success


Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators also contains supplemental resources, including an adjunct training and development topic list, reflection questions, online teaching competencies checklists, and evaluation forms for identifying teaching competencies.


Our bulk-rate pricing makes Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators affordable for distribution to anyone engaged in managing and supporting adjuncts at both the institutional and departmental level.

Give your adjuncts the management and support they need to succeed. Place your order today!

  • Paperback: 153 pages
  • Published by: Magna Publications, 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-912150-33-8
  • Formats available: Print, Amazon Kindle


Managing Adjunct Faculty: A Resource Collection for Administrators
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