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Certified Student Leader: Communication for Changemakers


Certified Student Leader: Communication for Changemakers is an online course designed to bridge the gap between participatory leadership skills and communication skills, teaching students the behaviors and practices necessary to producing positive change. This course will help students understand how to transform big ideas into concrete action.

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An idea is only as great as ones ability to communicate it. After all, leadership isnt hierarchal or positional; its about crafting a vision and inspiring others to get on board.

This course will give students tools that can be can applied immediately to inspire action and drive innovation and social change. And the ability to communicate well correlates highly with career success.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Listening skills, verbal communication and nonverbal communication
  • Giving constructive feedback when leading teams
  • Organizing and delivering presentations
  • Using persuasive communication to produce change and improve society


This course will walk participants through multiple aspects of communication for participatory leadership and social change. Fundamentals include:

  • Why effective communication skills are important for leaders
  • How to identify different elements of the communication process, and the value of each in understanding your audience
  • How to use listening skills, and verbal communication and nonverbal communication to lead others and produce change
  • How to give constructive feedback when managing teams and conflict situations
  • How to effectively articulate ideas through presentations and speeches
  • How to craft persuasive messaging and compelling calls to action

Topics Covered

Delivered in convenient self-paced modules, Certified Student Leader: Communication for Changemakers guides participants through the steps of improving your communication skills and becoming a chagemaker. Each module includes a video lesson and assessment.

Module 1: Communication in Leadership Roles

  • Introduction to leadership communication
  • Communicating for social change: definition
  • Why the way you communicate matters

Module 2: Components of the Communication Process

  • Identifying different communication components
  • The importance of understanding your audience

Module 3: Identifying Barriers to Listening

  • Using the hear-learn-interact listening continuum

Module 4: Inclusive and Supportive Communication

  • Checking for mutual understanding
  • Focusing on feedback for co-creation

Module 5: Using Actions and Words for Maximum Impact

  • Taking responsibility for how your messaging is received
  • Using actions and words synonymously

Module 6: Giving Constructive Feedback to Others

  • Understanding behavioral characteristics of your audience
  • Giving feedback when leading teams

Module 7: Managing Teams and Conflict Solutions

  • Using communication to lead others and produce change

Module 8: Articulating Ideas in Speeches and Presentations

  • Organizing and delivering effective presentations

Module 9: Crafting Persuasive Messaging

  • Building community and inspiring action
  • Creating compelling calls to action

Module 10: Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Summary
  • Take one step at a time
  • Set intentional communication goals, objectives, and tasks

Course Materials

This course is built on a responsive mobile eLearning platform, viewable on all computers as well as the latest smart phones and tablets.


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1-9 $129
10-24 $99
25-49 $79
50-99 $69

The course enrollment will expire one year after activation.


Certified Student Leader: Communication for Changemakers provides actionable advice students can use not only to improve their communication skills, but also to enhance their ability to lead others and implement positive changes. Order today!

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