Academic Leader

Academic Leader

Experienced editors, along with contributors from campuses across the country, examine current trends, challenges and best practices, helping to advance teaching, scholarship and service on hundreds of campuses across the country.


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Academic Leader

Lead Your School with More Confidence and Purpose

Being a leader at an academic institution today is filled with both pitfalls and opportunities.

Whether you lead the entire college or university, hold a deanship, run a department, or direct a program, every decision you make will be closely scrutinized.

But leadership can also be a fulfilling, exhilarating experience. Few things are as satisfying in the career of an academic as leaving your imprint on your school and shaping the way your institution is viewed by students, parents, the press, and the country at large.

Academic Leader, the monthly newsletter from Magna Publications, covers the trends, challenges, and best practices for academic leaders in higher education to help you balance these ever-evolving demands and privileges.

This newsletter delivers:

  • Concise, practical advice about how to lead effectively at the executive, administrative, and department level
  • Inspired insights on how to fulfill your leadership responsibilities
  • Information to gain a deeper understanding and mastery of the complex and changing role of academic leadership

Whether it's addressing bullying in the academic workplace, managing difficult conversations, or ensuring diversity, you'll find the tools and answers used by peers from around the country to help you discharge your leadership responsibilities.

Just one idea from one issue could make a measurable difference in your life and career. Subscribe today—and don't forget to check out the money-saving group rates.

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