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Academic Leader covers the trends, challenges, and best practices today’s academic decision-makers need to protect and enhance their institution’s mission while meeting the evolving demands from internal and external stakeholders.

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Lead Your School with More Confidence and Purpose

Higher education is changing. For some, it’s not changing fast enough. For others, it’s changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Wherever you stand along the change continuum, Academic Leader is here to provide expert guidance.

Academic Leader covers the trends, challenges, and best practices of today’s academic decision-makers. By becoming a member you will gain access to the latest thinking in academic leadership and learn how peers at other institutions are solving problems, managing change, and setting direction.

While the burden of expectations is especially heavy on those in charge, Academic Leader will ensure you are fully prepared to make informed, practical decisions on almost every issue that comes across your desk. Become a member today!

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Membership Benefits

  • Articles that keep you in the know with everything today’s academic leaders need to recognize and comprehend
  • Case studies exploring strategies taken at a featured institution for you to model
  • Q&As with notable academic leaders around the world
  • Full access to a searchable library of archived articles and resources loaded with sage advice that will make your institution stand out

Who Should Read Academic Leader?

Academic Leader appeals to college and university leaders of almost every level, with resources designed specifically to help you do your job more effectively. This membership is ideal for:

  • Academic deans
  • Department chairs and heads
  • Provosts
  • Academic vice presidents
  • Program directors
  • Professionals in any academic leadership role

“Straightforward and informative. I like the perspectives of multiple viewpoints (faculty and administration).” – Cathleen H. Cogdill, PhD, Associate Dean, Math, Science, Technologies & Business, Northern Virginia Community College

“Informational topics that keep me in the loop.” – Margaret Bourcier, Manager, eLearning, University and Workplace Partnerships, Mott Community College

Learning Topics

As a member of Academic Leader, you will receive new content twice monthly on the topics that matter most to you, such as:

  • Course and Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Budgets and Finance
  • Curriculum Planning and Development
  • Faculty Development
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • Institutional Culture
  • Leadership and Management
  • Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Student Issues

Academic Leader (ISSN 1938-1417) is published by Magna Publications Inc., 2718 Dryden Drive, Madison, WI 53704. SKU: DPALAA.

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