The Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor

The Essential Read When Teaching Is Your Passion

Published 10 times per year, The Teaching Professor is a lively, practical newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insights to educators who are passionate about teaching.

This is a newsletter that anticipates issues and addresses them as they are coming to the fore. It also evaluates existing educational practices and tools to help you choose strategies most likely to work for your courses, your students, and your institution. It is a comprehensive professional development resource.

Each issue explores the topics that you confront every day in the classroom. It raises the questions on everyone’s minds, and it presents solutions that just about anyone can use regardless of discipline or type of institution.

This newsletter delivers:

  • Concise article that will inspire you to teach more effectively
  • Practice advice and ideas to reach, motivate, and inspire students
  • Substantive articles edited by Maryellen Weimer, PhD
  • Proven research to help your institution improve teaching and learning
  • Universally applicable teaching strategies for any discipline
  • Relevant professional development

Don’t miss out on the wealth of ideas and insights into the latest pedagogical techniques.


The Teaching Professor will give you insights and information you can implement immediately. Your teaching and your confidence will improve as you resolve problems, try subtle changes that yield big results, and rediscover your passion for leading the class. The publication will help you:

  • Overcome obstacles to effective teaching
  • Stay informed of the latest pedagogical research
  • Understand what is working for colleagues “in the trenches”
  • Hone your skills and stay on top of teaching innovations
  • Truly connect with your students

Subscribing means you will never miss the opportunity to learn something that can improve your teaching. And once you subscribe, The Teaching Professor will quickly become your go-to publication for any question or doubt you have about teaching and learning.

"It gives me new ideas, reinforces current (good) strategies, challenges current strategies, and keeps me focused on the real issues.” – Professor 


Get insights on a variety of classroom topics including:

  • Student-centered learning
  • Grading strategies
  • Academic integrity
  • Overcoming student apathy
  • Integrating new technology
  • Responding to course evaluations
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Pedagogical research

"Great ideas that can easily be implemented. Philosophical perspectives related to SoTL.” - Teaching and Learning Center Coordinator

Message from the Editor - Maryellen Weimer, PhD


The Teaching Professor is tailored to instructors who are passionate about teaching and relevant to anyone who wants to see students succeed. It is particularly useful for:

  • Teaching professors
  • New faculty
  • Faculty development staff
  • Department chairs
  • Deans
  • Online instructors

New faculty will find the newsletter timely and reassuring—articles cover common questions and address issues that are on everyone’s minds.

Faculty development staff will discover new technologies to adopt, new practices to implement, and fresh ideas to share broadly across campus.

Deans and department chairs will discover ways to mentor new faculty and engage adjunct instructors.

This is not an esoteric publication. It is practical and packed with accessible strategies and techniques you can employ immediately, regardless of your discipline.

"I love the articles—it is by far the best publication I receive. Very consistent. The most useful information includes ideas on how to improve the classroom environment.” - Dean


If you are committed to student learning, this is a pedagogical resource you will turn to again and again.

We look forward to you joining the ranks of the thousands of educators who have benefited from reading The Teaching Professor.

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