NCSL On-Demand: Communication


NCSL On-Demand: Communication will inspire you to create change by the way you communicate through guidance from experts on effective communication.

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One of the most essential components of leadership development is communication. Communication is vital to leading change, motivating participation, and expressing a personal point of view. Being able to excel in public speaking, articulation of thought, and communicating in groups are areas that will enhance any club, organization, or future career.

NCSL On-Demand: Communication will help you unlock important skills about communicating your messages and representing yourself accurately. Get expert guidance in articulating a vision, communicating in groups, and other aspects of public motivational speaking.

Learning Goals

After completing NCSL On-Demand: Communication, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver a personal mission statement in a unique and authentic way
  • Effectively engage your audience
  • Appeal to all three learning styles when leading a workshop or meeting
  • Learn to value your personal brand and make it stand out
  • Visualize and attain the memorable impression that you want to make
  • Gain skills that will enhance your ability to make deals and form relationships
  • Understand what makes everyone who they are (our diverse backgrounds and personalities)
  • Comprehend what makes people feel connected to other human beings (how we communicate with each other)

How Does NCSL On-Demand: Communication Work?

  • NCSL On-Demand: Communication takes you through high-quality presentations following a concentrated theme.
  • Time commitment is short, allowing you to tackle this topic quickly and efficiently.
  • You can view NCSL On-Demand: Communication at your own pace and from virtually any device.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.

Who Will Benefit From NCSL On-Demand: Communication?

  • Students
  • Student Affairs Professionals


Product Code: SO21AC

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