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Magna 360


Magna 360

Magna 360 is an all-encompassing service that covers every degree of educational development and achievement through customized year-round online and in-person professional development.

Personalized Development Solutions for Optimal Student Retention

Magna 360 is an all-inclusive service that gives your team, department, or even institution access to Magna’s most impactful products. Once started, you will witness a noticeable increase in your level of teaching and leadership. Magna 360 will help your faculty teach using the right techniques, your academic leaders lead using effective leadership strategies, and develop students who will learn more rapidly and experience higher retention levels.

Magna 360 is highly personalized to what, where, and how you teach so you only spend time learning about teaching skills that are relevant to you. We meet you where you are with educational development in the form of:

  • Conferences
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Library of 400+ on-demand programs
  • Campus-wide access to online publications

How does Magna 360 work?

Magna 360 delivers year-round online and in-person professional development. To start, you will meet with one of our education coaches with a needs assessment. You will create a plan that takes you from where you are now and where you want to go.

How do you access Magna 360 resources?

Articles, videos, and courses are accessible anytime 24/7. For conferences, a recommended list of events is given to you. Recommendations are provided to you based on needs assessment.

Learn more about Magna 360 from one of our educational advisors.


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For more information or to purchase, please contact Magna Sales at or call 800-433-0499 ext. 183.

How Does a Group Subscription Work?

A group subscription provides your faculty and staff access to the most valuable educational and leadership content. With a group subscription, your institution can choose from several options that include:

Institutional Access

Users register using a unique URL that has been established for the institution or organization. Once registered, users have full access to the library.

IP-Authenticated Access

This optional access method allows users to connect without having to create an account or register. Campus administrators supply Magna with the IP address information, and once in place, users could connect automatically from any address in the specified range.