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The Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor is the lively, highly informative newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insight to educators who are passionate about teaching. A source of cutting-edge information and inspiration for more than 10,000 educators at universities and colleges worldwide.

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The Essential Read When Teaching Is Your Passion

For more than 30 years, The Teaching Professor has been a trusted guide for tens of thousands of educators who are committed to creating a better learning environment.

The new Teaching Professor, launched August 2018, is an annual membership that reflects the changing needs of today’s college faculty and the students they teach. This new fully online version includes everything readers have loved about The Teaching Professor for so many years—great articles and practical, evidence-based insights—but it also contains many new features and formats that will make it an even more indispensable resource.

A Message from the Editor—Maryellen Weimer, PhD:

Membership Benefits

  • 12-month membership site access
  • Three inspiring and insightful articles/resources each week (12 per month)
  • One professional development video program per month offering practical advice and insights about teaching and learning
  • Full access to The Teaching Professor archives (1000+ articles!), giving you instant access to teaching answers when you need it
  • Weekly column from Maryellen Weimer, aptly titled For Those Who Teach
  • A robust and interactive web experience with enhanced features and formats, expanded coverage areas, downloadable resources, and intuitive site navigation

Learning Topics

Teaching Professor topicsEach week subscribers receive thought-provoking and actionable advice on a wealth of critical topics, including:

Improving student learning
Designing effective activities and assignments
Energizing and re-inspiring yourself in mid-career
Promoting academic integrity
Providing effective feedback
Leveraging technology
Getting students to study

“It gives me new ideas, reinforces current (good) strategies, challenges current strategies, and keeps me focused on the real issues. – Professor


The Teaching Professor is better than ever and will quickly become your go-to resource for inspiration and advice on better teaching and learning, regardless of discipline or course format. The content covers both face-to-face and online methods, so no matter where you teach, The Teaching Professor will help you make informed decisions about your teaching practice.

12-month memberships are tailored to faculty of all experience levels who share a passion for teaching and learning. It is specifically relevant to:

  • Teaching professors
  • Online instructors
  • Faculty developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Department chairs

New content is added each month, so don’t delay in joining the ranks of the thousands of educators who have benefited from The Teaching Professor. Become a member today!

The Teaching Professor (ISSN 2578-9899) is published by Magna Publications Inc., 2718 Dryden Drive, Madison, WI 53704.

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