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Best Practices in Flipped Class Design

See how the flipped learning model can meet the challenges of today’s student body. This seminar gives you the knowledge about how flipped learning works in different disciplines and the conceptual tools for constructing a flipped classroom of your own.

Best practices written on books for best practices in flipped class design

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Essentials of a Flipped Class Design

A long-standing model for teaching consisted of two separate but mutually complementary parts:

  • First, teachers would expose students to new course material in the classroom through lectures, audiovisual presentations, and other in-class demonstrations.
  • Then, students would study and assimilate the lessons on their own—outside of class.

But a different teaching paradigm is disrupting this traditional approach in dramatic ways.

The shift has students introducing themselves to the material first and using class time to process what they’ve studied. In short, the plan for learning has flipped.

Some educators say that the flipped class is better suited to accommodate the way that students learn today, while others have more fundamental questions and concerns.

Adapting to new teaching and learning models is key to engaging students today. To fill the needs of both groups, you’re encouraged to order Best Practices in Flipped Class Design, a Magna 40-Minute Seminar.


Explore the different variations of flipped learning and, to ensure clear understanding, see examples of each. Walk away with a model for flipped course design based on learning theory and backwards design.

Viewers of this time-sensitive 40-minute seminar can walk away with tools and research to pursue the flipped class design and deepen their understanding of this innovative learning model.

Learning Goals

By the time you finish this time-friendly seminar, you’ll have a firm grasp on the best practices for implementing, managing, and successfully completing a flipped class design for you and your students.

After just 40 minutes, you will:

  • Attain a working knowledge of the best practices of a flipped class design
  • Possess practical tools and real-world strategies for implementing or refining an existing flipped class
  • Be able to talk confidently with fellow faculty and administrators on your campus about the merits of a flipped class learning situation

Topics Covered

The content of this concise online seminar gives you a good working knowledge of the different forms of flipped class design and effective protocols for enabling them.

Your presentation will be supplemented with practical steps that you can take to turn one of your courses into a flipped learning experience or to better manage an existing flipped course that you currently teach.

Ordering this seminar affords you an array of opportunities, such as:

  • Getting a clear idea of what a true flipped learning experience involves
  • Discovering and becoming conversant in the growing body of research on flipped class design
  • Learning how to clearly articulate the objectives of and units within your course to help students learn in any setting
  • Structuring pre-class activities that incorporate proven ideas from learning theory and challenging in-class activities that are “launched” by the pre-class work
  • Communicating early, often, and in a positive way with students in a flipped classroom


Using innovative ways to teach the coursework can turn out to be a surprisingly rich experience for you, your students, and your campus.

Best Practices in Flipped Class Design can help educators achieve these laudable goals—whether they are new to this subject, have a fundamental understanding, or have more advanced knowledge.

Those most likely to benefit include:

  • Instructors
  • Professors
  • Educators at both two-year and four-year schools
  • Educators at both public and private institutions


Order this program today to see how the flipped class design could mean the next significant step in the way you teach your courses and in how your students learn.

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Best practices written on books for best practices in flipped class design

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