Josie Ahlquist Josie Ahlquist
California Lutheran University
Jeffery Alejandro, Ph.D. Jeffery Alejandro, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Division of Continuing Studies
Kenneth Alford, Ph.D. Kenneth Alford, Ph.D.
Professor of Church History and Doctrine
David Allen, Ph.D. David Allen, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Military Education
Jerry Alloca Jerry Alloca
Gerald Amada, Ph.D. Gerald Amada, Ph.D.
Educational Consultant
Michael Anderson Michael Anderson
Assistant Director of Course Development
Terry Anderson, Ph.D. Terry Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor & Canada Research Chair in Distance Education, Athabasca University, Canada
Richard Arum, Ph.D. Richard Arum, Ph.D.
Professor, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University
Jill Austin, DBA Jill Austin, DBA
EXL director and chair of the Management