Victor Benassi

Victor Benassi is professor of psychology and faculty director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of New Hampshire. He is an American Psychological Association (APA) fellow and served as the 2013 Division 2 President (Society for the Teaching of Psychology, STP). Benassi's primary research interests focus on the psychology of personal control and judgment of contingency. His articles address the effects of situational and individual difference variables on illusory control and contingency judgments and the effects of feedback on judgmental accuracy. He participates in research collaborations in the area of college teaching and on issues related to college teaching as a professional field of study and preparing future faculty.

Benassi has taught a variety of courses, including introductory psychology, research methods, statistics, meta-analysis, social psychology, abnormal behavior, psychology of depression, belief in alleged paranormal phenomena, and human judgment. He has received several UNH awards-the Excellence in Teaching Award, the Outstanding Use of Technology in Education Award, and the College of Liberal Arts Lindberg Outstanding Scholar/Teacher Award. In 2003, he received the American Psychological Foundation's Distinguished Teaching of Psychology award.

Updated: 08-07-17

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