Peter Bielagus

For over a decade now, Peter Bielagus has been educating Americans about their personal finances. A former fee only financial advisor, Peter now travels the globe delivering keynotes and workshops at colleges, corporations, independent schools and to all branches of the United States Military. He has spoken in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Central America, the Middle East, and in 49 of the 50 U.S. states. Bielagus is the author of three books on personal finance and entrepreneurship, including his latest, Why Bother? How The Worst Pickup Line Of My Life Changed My Financial Future And How It Can Change Yours Too. A frequent guest of the media, Peter has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, USA Today and many other media outlets. Recently, he developed his own Youtube show, Money In The Movies, a personal finance show that uses our favorite movies to teach financial lessons.

Updated: 08-22-2017