When Full-Time Faculty and Adjuncts Collide: Ideas to Maintain Departmental Peace

At the most recent Leadership in Higher Education Conference this past October in Baltimore, I gave a session titled “What Your Adjuncts Wish You Knew.” In it, I exhorted the deans and department chairs in attendance to fight for some of their adjuncts’ rights, including access to resources such as bonus pools, research support, continuing education funding, and other ways to improve their teaching and continue their scholarship.

Pitfalls of Using Student Comments in the Evaluation of Faculty

The use—or misuse—of student ratings of instruction (SRIs) in faculty evaluation is a frequent topic in higher education news. Unfortunately, popular press articles on the topic often garner more attention than the vast empirical literature. A recent review of the research by Linse (2017) pointed to common misperceptions about SRIs, offering administrators evidence-based advice on appropriate SRI interpretation.

Teaching and Learning Centers as Catalysts for Faculty Diversity Development

Consider the experience of Jordan, a fourth-year political science major, who was told by his professor that many African American students do not pass her class (Brooms, 2017). This stereotyping can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, or what Claude Steele describes as a “stereotype threat,” which impacts students’ performance by challenging their academic ability or competence.