Integrating Magna’s Digital Subscriptions to Enhance Faculty Success

In this free Magna Online Seminar, explore how integrating Magna Digital Library & The Teaching Professor boosts faculty success and enriches learning. Learn key features, benefits, and implementation strategies through resource demos. Engage in Q&A for tailored insights and discover their adaptability to your specific needs.

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Empowering educators to deliver an exceptional educational experience should be a top priority for any institution. To achieve this, faculty need essential resources to engage, innovate their teaching, and proactively adapt to evolving trends and technologies in order to significantly elevate student engagement, success, and retention.

Join our exclusive, free Magna Online Seminar, Integrating Magna’s Digital Subscriptions to Enhance Faculty Success, led by our Staff Development Consultant, Mackenzie Cahill. Mackenzie will spotlight two premier resources, Magna Digital Library and The Teaching Professor, illustrating how their integration into your professional development can tangibly enhance faculty success and ultimately enrich the educational experience for students.

In this free interactive session, gain firsthand insights into:

  • Key features and functionalities
  • Tangible benefits for educators
  • Seamless implementation strategies
  • How Magna Digital Library and The Teaching Professor complement each other for robust professional development

Immerse yourself in a tailored experience where your questions take center stage. Mackenzie will personally demonstrate each resource, allowing you to witness firsthand how educators can leverage these resources. Register for free and seize this opportunity to explore the transformative potential of Magna’s resources, envisioning their impact on elevating faculty success within your institution.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Mackenzie Cahill
Staff Development Consultant
Mackenzie assists clients with finding their ideal Magna resource. Whether you are looking to achieve personal goals, hit professional milestones, or take your institution to the next level, count on Mackenzie to be your partner in progress! With a background in education, Mackenzie is all about empowering and enriching educators and helping improve students’ educational experiences.

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