Integrating Magna’s Digital Subscriptions to Enhance Faculty Success

In this free Magna Online Seminar, explore how our digital subscriptions, Magna Digital Library and The Teaching Professor, provide proven solutions for leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance faculty success. Explore specific programs and articles that support effective and ethical AI usage while gaining a framework of how you can implement these resources into your professional development. Engage in Q&A for tailored insights and discover their adaptability to your specific needs.

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Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM CT
Topic: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In today’s higher education landscape, students expect instructors to be tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest advancements, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is starting to reshape education by providing the ability to streamline tasks, personalize learning, and improve teaching and learning outcomes. Faculty who leverage AI not only enhance their own teaching success but also meet students’ expectations for a modern and effective learning experience.

Embracing AI in higher education offers a multitude of benefits for faculty, students, and institutions alike:

  • For faculty, AI-driven tools streamline administrative tasks, freeing up time for more meaningful interactions with students and enhancing their productivity.
  • Personalized learning experiences powered by AI help instructors cater to diverse student needs, leading to improved engagement and academic success.
  • From an institutional perspective, leveraging AI optimizes resource allocation, improves retention rates, and strengthens the institution’s reputation for innovation.
  • Overall, embracing AI fosters a dynamic and forward-thinking educational environment that enhances faculty effectiveness, student outcomes, and institutional success.

Join our exclusive, free Magna Online Seminar, Integrating Magna’s Digital Subscriptions to Enhance Faculty Success, led by our Faculty Development expert, Mackenzie Cahill, where she will focus on premier resources, Magna Digital Library and The Teaching Professor, that provide effective and ethical strategies for leveraging AI in your classrooms and at your institution. You’ll receive actionable strategies to utilize these resources effectively so you can not only support faculty success, but the success of your students and institution as well. Mackenzie will also detail how you can integrate these resources into your professional development to significantly enrich the educational experience for both faculty and students.

In this free interactive session, Mackenzie will provide specific insights into:

  • Key Magna Digital Library programs and Teaching Professor articles that have a real impact on faculty and student success through the utilization of AI
  • Actionable strategies to leverage these resources effectively so you have a framework to follow for leveraging AI to support faculty success
  • Key features and funtionalities of our digital subscription products
  • Tangible benefits of each resource for educators
  • Seamless implementation strategies for each resource

Join us for an engaging and interactive experience where your questions take center stage! Register for free to seize this opportunity to explore the transformative potential of Magna’s resources and their impact on elevating faculty success and the students’ learning experience on your campus.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Mackenzie Cahill
Staff Development Consultant
Mackenzie assists clients with finding their ideal Magna resource. Whether you are looking to achieve personal goals, hit professional milestones, or take your institution to the next level, count on Mackenzie to be your partner in progress! With a background in education, Mackenzie is all about empowering and enriching educators and helping improve students’ educational experiences.

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