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Outcomes-Based Assessment of Teaching & Learning Centers

This seminar gives you a reliable framework for measuring tangible outcomes for your teaching and learning center and communicating these outcomes clearly to others.



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Communicate your center’s value with outcomes-based assessments.

As professionals in higher education, we know whether our programs are successful. We also know how valuable our programs are to our universities, our students, and our communities.

However, the decision makers at your university, the ones holding the purse strings, often do not know exactly how essential your program is to your students and to the value of your university.

This confusion is not the result of callousness or a lack of interest in your accomplishments. You just need to learn how to speak their language.

Outcomes-Based Assessment for Teaching & Learning Centers shows you how to communicate with your budget leaders by using outcomes-based assessments (as opposed to outputs-based assessments).

This outcomes-focused model will not only help you accurately track the strength of your programs, but it will also allow you to speak easily, with tangible examples, the value you provide to your community of learning.

Academic support centers rarely operate under financial models that allow them to prove that they are cost-effective. It is therefore important that support centers be able to measure and communicate the value of what they do, particularly in today’s budget climate.


This seminar is designed to help program leaders learn how to effectively use outcomes-based assessment as a reliable framework for measuring and communicating the benefits of any educational center or institution. This seminar will give you the tools and resources you need to accurately and persuasively communicate the value of the institutions and programs you lead through accurate data collection and outcomes-based assessments.

Outcomes-Based Assessment for Teaching & Learning Centers gives you a reliable framework for measuring tangible outcomes for your center and communicating these outcomes clearly to others.

By participating in this seminar you will gain a solid understanding of what outcomes-based assessment is, and a framework for developing and measuring outcomes that is applicable to any center in any institution.

Explore examples of this framework in practice and investigate resources for further study.

Learning Goals

After attending this interactive presentation, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of basing assessment on outcomes rather than outputs
  • Critically evaluate the strengths and weakness of different types of data
  • Leverage outcomes-based data to communicate the effectiveness and value of your faculty development centers
  • Design and evaluate outcomes-based objectives


Outcomes-Based Assessment for Teaching & Learning Centers is aimed at a general audience that is typically new to outcomes-based assessments. This online seminar would be particularly useful for:

  • Deans
  • Provosts
  • Program directors
  • Program coordinators
  • Academic support professionals (those employed in writing centers, academic advising, career planning, service learning centers, centers for undergraduate research, etc.)
  • All involved with the administration of faculty development programs

Also, if your institution is currently undergoing budget cuts, attending this course may be not only useful, but imperative.


Order this seminar today to ensure that your teaching and learning center stays intact despite an ever tightening budget year.

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