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The Academic Leader’s Toolkit for Evaluating Online Teaching

This seminar explains the core teaching behaviors relevant to online teaching. Explore assessment methods and instruments to judge the quality of online teaching—even if you yourself have not taught online.



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Strategies for Assessing Online Teaching

It’s fair to say that most academic leaders have sufficient experience in evaluating traditional classroom situations. They are familiar with the environment, what they are looking for, how to judge performance, the length of time needed to devote to each activity, and how to render an informed rating.

But when asked to evaluate online teaching, many otherwise skillful observers can lose some of their confidence. The whole notion may even sound scary or puzzling.

Evaluating online teaching shares many characteristics found in a traditional classroom assessment situation—but at the same time has definable differences too.

To demystify the process, order The Academic Leader’s Toolkit for Evaluating Online Teaching, a 40-minute online seminar from Magna Publications.


Your presenter helps you learn specific techniques for evaluating online teaching practices for formative and summative purposes.

Discover core teaching behaviors relevant to online teaching. Find out about assessment methods and instruments to judge the quality of online teaching—even if you yourself have not taught online.

Build on your observation and assessment skills as an academic leader, and how to adapt and enhance them when evaluating online teaching practices.

The seminar devotes a substantial amount of time to participant learning activities modeled on a real-world scenario and to answering questions from the audience.

Learning Goals

After participating in this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Set parameters for observation of online teaching
  • Measure teaching behaviors unique to online teaching
  • Apply evaluation findings for program decisions

The Academic Leader’s Toolkit for Evaluating Online Teaching combines specific evaluation methods and instruments to assess online teaching performance with timely in-class activities for a well-rounded exploration of this topic.

Whether or not you have ever taught online, you’ll see how to effectively measure and judge performance in this new environment. Attend this seminar to get:

  • A use-it-now toolkit of skills and instruments for observing and evaluating online teaching at your campus
  • Guidance that helps you make key program decisions
  • Sample documents, rubrics, blank checklists and worksheets, a “next steps” guide, and additional resources to supplement your seminar education

Topics Covered

Academic leaders who understand the unique requirements for evaluating online teaching serve their school and students. As a registered participant in this online seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create parameters ahead of time for observing and evaluating online teaching
  • Have clear definitions about what constitutes evidence of teaching practices online
  • Know how much time you should take in observing an online course
  • Agree on how much and what kinds of assistance online course observers can have
  • Have a clear goal for collecting information about online teaching
  • Measure teacher performance in an online classroom

More importantly, you’ll also see any areas for improvement in order to keep your school’s online program exceptional.


As online courses proliferate, leaders from all areas of the academic community need to know how to evaluate teaching performance, which tools to use, what to look for, and where things need to be improved.

The practical experience and thoughtful insights to be gained from registering for The Academic Leader’s Toolkit for Evaluating Online Teaching can serve almost any type of academic leader in a higher education setting, in particular:

  • Faculty members
  • Professors
  • Adjunct faculty members
  • Department chairs
  • Teaching center staff
  • Educators at both two- and four-year schools
  • Educators at both public and private institutions

The seminar content will be especially valuable for educators and academic leaders either with a fundamental expertise in the topic or an intermediate background looking to improve and refine their knowledge base.


Take 40 minutes to hone the skills and tools for evaluating online teaching confidently. Order now.

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Campus Access License

With the purchase of the optional Campus Access License (or Group License when ordering online), registrants are granted a license to download the program contents to a password-protected network, server, or website for additional staff use. You will receive information on downloading the contents of the program within 3-5 business days.


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