Journal of Faculty Development – May 2022 Print Issue

The May 2022 Print Issue of the Journal of Faculty Development features a range of articles that examine teaching and learning–and faculty work–within the context of faculty development. Examine the role of learning climate in faculty development, behaviors displayed by award-winning professors, faculty perceptions of teaching and learning initiatives, and an examination of how faculty receive and interpret institutional work expectations to perform their academic roles.

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As one of the only few peer-reviewed journal for academic developers, the Journal of Faculty Development is for those in higher education who are interested in current research and practices within this important field. Readers benefit by finding sources for additional research and further developing theoretical and practical understandings of faculty development.

This issue includes:

  • The Evolving Role of Faculty Developers
  • Special Section: Communicating with Faculty
  • Featured Article: Behaviors Displayed by Outstanding College Professors

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