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How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes?


Discover how UDL benefits all students and gives extra support to vulnerable groups, including single parents, working students, and military learners.


How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) has been a giant step forward in education. Many teachers have boosted student performance by relying on its sound principles to customize the curriculum. Students who might have felt left behind or shut out are having a richer educational experience.

Yet some educators are intimidated by the supposed demands of the program. They believe that UDL takes a lot of work to set up, or they’re unsure of how to address the diverse needs of their students.

How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes? demystifies these misconceptions and provides a realistic blueprint that any educator can follow.


The program presenter uses his experience working on behalf of people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds to show how UDL can become part of almost any school efficiently and effectively.

The video quickly summarizes the neuroscience behind UDL and the proven advantages that you and your students will derive from it. You’ll discover how UDL benefits all students and gives extra support to vulnerable groups taking classes, including single parents, working students, and military learners away from home.

The presenter will explain three specific strategies that can be applied to your courses—each in less than 20 minutes!

Making these changes can actually give students who work on mobile devices more time for studying, leading to increased student retention, persistence, and satisfaction.

Learning Goals

Schools that follow UDL principles can often retain more students and get a deserved reputation for making student achievement a priority. After 20 minutes, you’ll be able to:

  • Address the barriers where learners express frustration
  • Use visuals and audio to create alternative channels for learning
  • Make slide decks of bullet points more effective
  • Reinforce concepts through multiple channels
  • Push learners to zero in on the resources they need to do targeted studying

Topics Covered

How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes? tells you everything you need to know to easily add UDL to your coursework. You’ll get step-by-step instruction that can be put into practice right away.

After viewing this video, participants will be able to:

  • See how all students can benefit from UDL
  • Identify single-stream course elements in a current course
  • Help students who use mobile devices find more time to study
  • Create one interaction where learners have choices about or control over how to respond
  • Brainstorm expansions into new media, methods, or expressions
  • Provide choices for learner interactions with materials, each other, and the instructor

The presenter provides concrete examples from courses in math, biology, and English to demonstrate the value of UDL. Connecting with students through UDL methods makes your coursework and lessons more accessible, resulting in a more harmonious and engaging learning environment for everyone.


This program is highly beneficial for faculty members as well as support staff, administrators, and campus leaders who, after attending this presentation, will walk away with a new understanding of the benefits of UDL and timely approaches that they can institute quickly.


As this presentation shows, adding UDL to your classroom can be simple and easy to accomplish with presenter’s direct help. Buy your video today to see how UDL principles can make a measurable difference in student achievement.

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Campus Access License

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