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Faculty Engagement Institute

Faculty engagement is critical to student success and maintaining a vibrant university community. It has become increasingly challenging to keep faculty engaged at high levels as working conditions have evolved over the last two decades. This two-part live virtual workshop, geared toward academic leaders who focus on faculty development, provides evidence-based solutions from the Journal of Faculty Development to seven common barriers of engagement.


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Fall 2024 Offering

Thursday, October 17, 2024, 9:00 AM Central – 12:00 PM Central AND Friday, October 18, 2024, 9:00 AM Central – 12:00 PM Central

Is faculty engagement declining on your campus?

You aren’t alone in answering “yes”. When faculty experience technology-induced cognitive overload, set boundaries related to stress and overwork, or “quiet quit” it’s noticeable. How can you reengage faculty and establish, build, and strengthen the connections to the institutions beyond their students and classrooms?

In this live two-part virtual workshop, your presenters, Russell Carpenter, Eastern Kentucky University and Kevin Dvorak, Nova Southeastern University, will examine seven barriers to faculty engagement and offer numerous evidence-based solutions that you can try in your own programs. As a group, you’ll build a Faculty Engagement Matrix to identify engagement barriers, their impacts, and approaches to addressing them in a productive and rewarding way.

Take away proven strategies from experts! Your presenters also serve as the editor-in-chief and senior editor for the Journal of Faculty Development. Their contributions to the September 2022 special section on Faculty (Re)Engagement have garnered significant attention, offering valuable insights into effectively engaging faculty in both online and in-person teaching, and their work is widely acclaimed.

How Does This Virtual Workshop Work?

  • This virtual workshop takes place in two 3-hour Zoom sessions with your presenters and fellow registrants on Thursday, October 17 & Friday, October 18, 2024.
  • Attendance is limited to the first 48 registrants to provide the most effective coaching experience possible.
  • Virtual, synchronous learning gives you time to interact, learn, and ask questions of the presenter and other participants.
  • The two-part presentation allows for reflection and application of workshop materials between sessions.
  • A digital badge is awarded after completing the workshop.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this virtual workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the seven barriers to faculty engagement
  • Discover multiple evidence-based methods to overcome the seven barriers to engagement
  • Apply proven strategies to reengage faculty who may be facing one or more of the seven barriers to engagement

Topics Covered

  • Part I – The institute begins by setting the context for the challenges associated with faculty engagement amid busy academic environments. Bringing diverse perspectives, panelists will focus on the seven barriers identified to faculty engagement including mental exhaustion; stress and trauma; increased teaching workload; varying institutional response, support, or resources; changing technology; managing responsibilities that span personal and professional (health, home, and family); and inclusion.
  • Part II – Panelists and participants will offer evidence-based solutions to faculty engagement based on research, effective program or initiative design, or successful practices they have developed on their own campuses. Participants will be encouraged to share their perspectives and ideas.

Who Should Attend?

  • Educational Developers
  • Faculty Developers
  • Department Chairs

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30+ people$229 per person
This virtual workshop has a registration limit of 30 participants per session option.