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How Can AI Literacy Help Students Use AI Tools More Efficiently?

Join Dr. Thomas Dyer in this enlightening 20-Minute Mentor session to master AI literacy, empowering educators to effectively harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in the classroom, ensuring responsible AI usage, enhancing teaching methodologies, and preparing students to thrive in an AI-driven future.

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How Can AI Literacy Help Students Use AI Tools More Efficiently?

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it’s crucial to understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity. Yet, many educators understandably find themselves grappling with the complexities of AI, unsure of how to harness its power effectively in the classroom. A lack of AI literacy can lead to irresponsible AI usage in the classroom or a missed opportunity to utilize an effective tool; however, since AI is still in its infancy, AI literacy is not a commonly taught practice yet.

Dr. Thomas Dyer, in this enlightening 20-Minute Mentor session, navigates participants through the intricate world of AI, breaking down complex technical jargon and shedding light on its profound impact on education. By demystifying technical concepts and providing actionable insights, Dr. Dyer empowers instructors to embrace AI as a valuable tool for enhancing teaching methodologies and student learning experiences.

Educators will gain a deeper understanding of AI’s significance, its implications in education, and practical strategies to integrate AI seamlessly into their teaching practices. By fostering AI literacy, educators not only stay ahead in the educational landscape but also pave the way for students to become adept at navigating the AI-driven future. Join Dr. Thomas Dyer on this transformative journey towards mastering AI literacy and unlocking its vast potential for educational excellence.

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the foundational concepts driving artificial intelligence and how to demystify technical jargon
  • Implement practical strategies and insights into AI literacy
  • Explore concepts such as prompt engineering and empowering educators to effectively integrate AI
  • Create a forward-thinking perspective on AI’s positive aspects and impacts
  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the AI landscape as it evolves

Topics Covered

  • Foundations of AI literacy
  • Positive aspects of AI
  • Potential impacts of AI
  • Preparing for a future with AI


This program will benefit:

  • Faculty teaching in any modality
  • Instructional Designers
  • Faculty Developers


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