Workshop Block #1
Talk to ‘Em: Effective Communications for Leaders

The Communication Experiment™: What Every College Student Needs to Know About Diversity in Teamwork

Collegiate Empowerment
What makes a team work? Communication. What makes communication work? And what is at the cause of all miscommunication? Us. Yep, people! The Communication Experiment establishes new levels of communication and teamwork through real-time fun and games (the way it should be done).
During this fast-paced experiment, participants will…

  • Understand what makes everyone who they are (our diverse backgrounds and personalities)
  • Learn what makes people feel connected to other human beings (how we communicate with each other)
  • Discover what makes us feel valued as a members of society (how we contribute to the world)
  • Engage in a conversation about where we go from here to embrace diversity and uniqueness.

Whether it’s your own communication with yourself, working with others, or preparing for life after college, success is The Freedom to Be Yourself. Experience the experiment for yourself!

Being The MC: Finding Your Voice

Adrien AD Odate
Hip hop is a cultural response by the underserved to years of being silenced and poorly represented in mainstream culture. The Emcee/MC is the wordsmith and voice of hip hop culture. Both the student leader and the Emcee/MC are tasked with the responsibility of telling stories that will inform, uplift, and lead communities. This workshop will help attendees channel their inner Emcee and identify their self-worth in order to address issues of self-doubt, adversity and the capacity to inspire change. Key strategies on how to address challenging audiences and potential conflict amongst peers will be displayed all through the vehicle of being an Emcee. Through this workshop, students will improve:

  • Swag (Confidence): develop a positive sense of self, explore identify and articulate their motivations as agents of change and inspiration
  • Skills (Content): assess, articulate and acknowledge current skills, abilities and areas of opportunity for growth
  • Style (Cadence): can deliver personal mission statement in a unique and authentic way

Put A Ring on It

Raven Solomon
Research shows that public speaking is the #1 fear of Americans. We fear public speaking more than we fear death. Being a student leader will often require you to speak publicly, lead meetings, and even facilitate learning experiences for those you lead/serve. What are the keys to effectively engaging an audience so that your content is delivered and received well? In this workshop, students learn proven engagement techniques from a seasoned speaker and facilitator of everything from keynotes to small group workshops. Students will be tasked with learning both from the content being presented, as well as observing the way it is being presented real-time. They learn how to engage while being engaged. Through this workshop, learn:

  • 4 keys to effectively engaging your audience during facilitation
  • How to appeal to all three learning styles when leading a workshop or meeting
  • 13 potential ways to engage your audience

Communicating Your Self Story

Cybel Betancourt
It’s not about what people think about you, it’s about what you think of yourself and how you share that with others. Leadership and branding are so often spoken about, yet have you figured out what that means to you? What is your brand and how do you sell it to others? Can you sell it to yourself and do you truly believe it? This is a highly interactive workshop that will help you reflect on your own sense of self and on how you represent you. Students will:

  • Learn to empower from within
  • Understand the importance of branding from the inside out
  • Learn to value your personal brand and make it stand out
  • Visualize and attain the memorable impression that you want to make

Relearning the Art of Conversation

DJ Zeke
This program is about taking your conversation to the next level. Learn specific tips from the internationally known DJ Zeke and see how he has been able to communicate with people from all over the country and world. He will show you how to get over social anxiety and embrace the importance of human connection. Through this workshop, learn:

  • The importance creating communication safe space
  • The importance of human connection in relation to socializing
  • How to meet new people
  • Skills that will enhance your ability to make deals and form relationships

Workshop Block #2
Network Like A Boss

The Follow Through: 5 Steps to Perfecting your Networking Shot

Bailey Synclaire
This workshop helps students with informal and formal networking practices while focusing on the most important step in the networking process: the follow-through. By integrating the culturally relevant topic of the NBA, rookies, and all stars, this workshop will show the process of the difference a follow-through can make in someone’s career. Students will learn that “net-working” isn’t just about the connection you make but about how you obtain, support, and nurture that relationship. After participating, students will:

  • Know how to network and follow through after making connections
  • Be able to articulate the value of everyone in the high stakes networking game and not to discount anyone
  • Walk away with a winning game plan to follow through on connections made at the conference and beyond

Demand Your Brand

Antonio Talamo
When we think of brands, we think of companies like Nike, Pepsi, and Amazon, but too often we don’t think about our own brand as leaders. In this session, participants will be able to identify and create their own leadership brand through an interactive activity. They will also learn how to “sell” their brand to others and understand the importance of doing so. Participants will be challenged to think about themselves and their roles in society and their institutions, and how they can begin to brand themselves efficiently. During this workshop, students will

  • learn about the various pillars that make up a successful brand
  • be able to identify strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to themselves
  • learn about ways to promote themselves as leaders and its importance

Imma Show You How to Network

Raven Solomon
This workshop flips the traditional, quantity-focused concept of networking on its back and walks participants through a more quality-focused approach to networking that emphasizes giving just as much as receiving. We begin by using a quick icebreaker and a few powerful statistics to demonstrate the value of relationships in the professional world. We then explain the types of professional relationships and discuss the four most common way people meet new people—3rd party intros, networking, branding, and online. After that, we delve deep into networking, covering everything from proper introduction and presentation to authentic engagement and conversation starters. Participants learn how to properly construct and use an elevator pitch, spending time structuring and practicing their own. We end with five tactical ways to cultivate and add value to professional relationships, including sharing content, supporting relevant causes, and follow-up. Participants will learn how to:

  • Properly structure and compose a compelling elevator pitch
  • Briefly articulate who they are and what they do in 30 seconds or less (via a personal elevator pitch)
  • Understand the value of purposeful professional relationships
  • Know how to authentically network with demonstrated confidence and poise

Building Your Personal Board of Directors Can Take You to the Top

Saundra Thomas
Are you about to begin your first internship, apply for or start your first job, create your own business, or have you graduated college and aren’t clear what you want to do next? Wherever you are in the career building stage, you’ll need guidance and connections. Everyone says you need a mentor, but wouldn’t it be ideal to have your own team who cares about your interests and success? This workshop will help you build a Personal Board of Directors who will each help you to navigate and actualize your mission in life. With real talk and proven results, our discovery activities will build confidence in creating your own roadmap towards building your supportive team with specific experience, skills and connections. By the end of this session, you will be well-equipped with more strategies for building the relationships and partnerships you need to form your own PBOD to help YOU succeed in reaching your decided destination in life. Participants will learn

  • how to create a strategic roadmap to build a PBOD
  • to develop personal assets to use to pivot into the world of work to create a business or job transition.
  • to build practical and personal networks

The Networking Playlist

DJ Zeke
Using music and the art of the DJ, learn how certain songs will help you network better in social and professional settings. Additionally, get a chance to create your own networking playlist to take home with you and create the vibes on your own. Through this workshop, learn how to:

  • Enhance your ability to use conversation as a networking tool
  • Use music as an integration tool for networking skills
  • Turn introductions into practical and professional networks

Workshop Block #3
Ready to Work? Preparing for Your First Professional Job (repeats)

Dear You, Your IG Is You, Says Your Next Boss. Social Media Is the New CV

Winston Peters and Jey Van Sharp, My Über Life
Gone are the days where your Instagram account was separate from your professional life. Today, people check your social media account before they read your resume. What you post is who you are—the real world and digital worlds have merged. In our discussion, we will talk about how to build your social media for your next big job or for your next big career. This is not about clout; this is about cash. Students will learn:

  • How to develop a personal brand online and offline
  • How to leverage a brand for opportunities
  • How to maintain brand consistency on social media

Finding Your Ikigai: Ultimate Career Happiness

Angela Scarfia
Ikigai is the Japanese concept that means “reason for being”. The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.” Ikigai focuses on four main areas: what you love, what you are good at, what you can make a living from, and what the world needs. This session will help students understand how to take this concept and apply it to life after graduation to land careers that will lead one’s own purpose and happiness. After participating, students will be able to:

  • Identify two areas of personal passion
  • Identify one way to incorporate their passion into their future profession of vocation
  • Discover the four areas that could lead to future career satisfaction and success

Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want

Ebony Dilworth, Microsoft
You’ve completed all your college credit hours—now what? This may be the first thought running through your mind when you graduate. Learn how college can prepare you for a professional career, how your major may/may not make a difference in the profession you choose, and the importance of developing and refining your soft skills. This session will allow students an opportunity to understand why their roles as leaders don’t end after college. It will teach them ways to continue to flex their leadership skills, as they navigate their own career and the value of building a network. After participating, students will understand how to:

  • move forward once you’re in a professional space
  • identify leadership roles beyond the college
  • expand knowledge of how to succeed in non-traditional career paths

Personal Branding and the Power of Storytelling

Brad Aikins, Twitter
Open the door to limitless opportunity by learning how to effectively promote yourself. Personal branding and the art of storytelling will help you differentiate yourself amongst the competition. Students often struggle to effectively self-promote in the workplace, in business, and online. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favor. After this workshop, students will be able to

  • Define personal objectives and goals
  • Create a game plan
  • Determine unique strengths (and weaknesses)
  • Effectively tell their story (in- person and online)

How I Landed a Job My First Job in My Field in Less Than a Year

Bailey Synclaire
Bailey graduated from college and less than a year later landed a job in her field of study at Comedy Central. She’ll give you key tangible tips that improved her
chances of succeeding in the professional world. Learn about:

  • The importance of finding internships
  • Highlighting key areas on your resume
  • How to use networking to better prepare you for professional setting

Workshop Block #4
Innovative Leadership for Changing Time

Marketing Social Change Through Social Media

Angela Scarfia
The power of influence in today’s society via digital platforms has become fruitful for both companies and individuals. With a push of a button, you can influence millions of people to learn a new dance, try a new lip gloss, or make a new recipe. With access like this, imagine with the right creativity how you can push your own leadership initiatives. Come find out how Angela Scarfia used her Instagram influence to go from the cover of a Deva Curl box in Sephora to receiving exotic fruit boxes she uses to promote plan-based lifestyles. After participating, students will be able to:

  • List ways they can use social media to promote and develop their leadership initiative
  • Discover potential ways they can collaborate and connect with others who have the same mission and passions
  • Create a potential social media post that will promote their leadership agenda

Building a Power Network Digitally

Lenny Williams
Whether you are just starting college, making your next professional move post-graduation, or looking for work, networking can help you take control of your life. This workshop will help you build your network and personal brand, both online and in the real world. Professor Williams will provide the power and tips on using platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Twitter and more when navigating the digital world of networking. Bring an open mind and your favorite social media platform; it’s time to meet the power players within your field. After participating, students will have learned how to:

  • Take a strategic approach to building and maintaining digital networks
  • Enter a digital space filled with people they don’t know
  • Effectively introduce themselves while becoming an impactful digital storyteller

The Future of Leadership

Jeff Dess
The future is closer to the present than we think. It’s time to get prepared and be ready for what leadership will look like tomorrow. This workshop will introduce attendees to the Trill or Not Trill Future of Leadership Model. The Future of Leadership focuses on six key areas: global mindsets, culturally responsive communication, financial excellence, service to others, self-care, and inclusivity of ideas and people. Through key research indicators you’ll understand how to be a leader in the markets that will define the future. After attending, students will:

  • Have a better understanding of how to be culturally responsive in theory and work
  • Know how to multitask while being a multifaceted and well-rounded leader
  • Gain key skills that will enhance their ability to lead a decade from now

Be the CEO of Your Org: Successful Strategies for Being a Club Leader

Scott Siegel-Ortiz
This workshop lays the foundation for students to become successful leaders of their organizations. The session will use an ecosystem framework to help established student leaders recognize how the individual (president or other leader), the team (executive board), and the community (university) play a role in the success of leaders. After this workshop, students will:

  • Be able to further understand their role as a leader within an organization
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to partner with other peers within their executive team
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how their organization falls within a university framework

Revamping Student Organizational Leadership: Challenging Archaic Systems

Alvert Hernandez
Student clubs and organizations have been around on college campuses forever. Some still run like it! This interactive workshop will inspire student leaders to take a reflective look at their organization’s practices and challenge the status quo. We will talk about strategies and bringing student organizations forward to the 21st century. After this workshop, students will:

  • Learn how to promote inclusion and equity within their organization
  • Learn best practices to streamline processes (recruitment, elections, meetings etc.)
  • Discuss common organizational hurdles and develop tangible plans to address them with accountability partner

Workshop Block #5
The Life of a Leader

Woke Not Broke—Three Ways You Can Get Ahead by Making Money from What’s Inside Your Head and Get Ahead Without Selling Your Soul

Odell Bizzell The most dangerous and misunderstood “ism” in the world is no longer racism, it’s capitalism. Though capitalism has its downfalls, it also provides many with opportunities. Imagine being able to make money from what you have inside of your head. That’s what this session is about. After leaving this session you will learn how to turn your story, your experiences, and your talents into a steady income stream sooner rather than later. In addition to that you will learn how to start developing a skillset that can produce value for any company you may start or work within the future. This is not based on theory or a blog article, the presenter has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from what is inside of his head and he’s sharing three ways anybody can do the same. Students will learn:
  • Two ways to organize thoughts, experiences, and knowledge in a compelling way that will cause people to want to buy from you
  • The single biggest secret to making money based on what’s inside your head that NOBODY uses
  • Why being ‘woke’ can be your greatest asset or liability to earning income in our current system


#NoComfortZone: How Fear and Uncertainty Can Make You Unstoppable

Brad Aikins “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This session provides powerful examples and tools to help you push past fear and discomfort to achieve your goals. You’ll learn how to overcome areas of struggle while gaining new skill sets that will enhance your ability to deal with conflict and barriers. After participating, students will learn:
  • Success comes when you step outside of your comfort zone
  • How to create a championship mindset
  • How to take extreme ownership of your life


The Art of the Side Hustle: Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Ash Cash Everyone has dreams but not everyone knows how to turn those dreams into reality. This workshop teaches participants how to live their dream while making a profit. Manage your career while also gaining the tools to turn passion into profit. Learn how to:
  • Articulate the values and principles involved in financial decision making
  • Employ self-reflection to gain insight on personal goals
  • Demonstrate an ability to engage in critical thinking


Mamba Mentality in Leadership

Justin Jones The legendary Kobe Bryant left behind a legacy that will live on forever. His work ethic and discipline are things we can all learn from. He called it the Mamba Mentality. Although there will never be another Kobe, there is a Mamba in all of us, waiting to come out. Come and join a discussion where we dissect the Mamba Mentality of the icon, Kobe Bryant, and what his life can teach us about being a successful leader!

Success Lessons from Pizza, Sports, and Music

Odell Bizzell How do you turn the simple things of life into things that can help inspire you to become a peak performer? This workshop is all about how to turn the simple things in your life into automated mechanisms for success and leadership. In this session students will learn:
  • The two secret ingredients to success and how to use them in your personal recipe
  • 2 things you need to beat out the greatest competition in life
  • How the soundtrack of your life can either take you to peak performance or utter despair

Workshop Block #6
Inclusive Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion: Walking the Talk

Maurisa Li A Ping Many organizations deeply seek to value diversity and inclusion and may even include it in their mission statement. However, some groups can struggle to find structural and practical ways to implement this value. Diversity is all the ways that people in a group may differ. Inclusion refers to the climate and culture that makes a space feel welcoming and affirming for diverse groups. This workshop will unpack the difference between diversity and inclusion, assess organizational barriers to diversity, and develop structural and practical strategies for building inclusive organizations. Participants will be able to:
  • Understand the difference between diversity and inclusion
  • Assess organizational barriers to diversity
  • Develop structural and tangible strategies for building inclusive organizations


Self X The People

Chinez How does a group achieve success while also nurturing individual goals? This workshop is designed to encourage honest and candid dialogue surrounding personal identity, group association, society, and culture, and what it means to be a social leader. Through a series of interactive activities, Chinez will challenge participant perceptions of the current social climate, what leadership looks like within a diverse community, and ways to authentically network and connect with others. After participating, students will be able to:
  • Identify at least two ways to combat fear or frustration when discussing differences among diverse groups
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue around social responsibility and ways to influence the current narrative
  • Identify at least two ways to approach networking utilizing authentic leadership skills


Why I Fired My White Best Friend: Three Reasons Diversity Training Doesn’t Work

Odell Bizzell In this presentation Odell Bizzell covers uncomfortable topics such as race, religion, politics, and sexuality in a way like few others can. Within this training Odell conveys how to maximize diversity and inclusion training with individuals who may not think it’s very important. In addition to that Odell will reveal statistics from a yearlong study that shows what thousands of college students think about diversity and inclusion. After participating, student will be able to articulate:
  • Three reasons why most diversity trainings don’t work and what they can do to change that on their campus
  • One major way to get apathetic students to care about diversity and inclusion
  • Three ways all students can integrate diversity and inclusion in their everyday lives and maximize their diversity training


“I Got a List of Demands, Written on the Palm of My Hand”: Leadership in Social Movements

Michiko Kealoha “You wanna be somebody? See somebody? Try and free somebody? I gotta list of demands written on the palm of my hands.” – Saul Williams Join Michiko, Bay Area Native, to learn about the list of demands an intersectional group of student leaders in the Bay wrote to create the first Ethnic Studies Program in the nation. Cultivate and practice your skills to lead a cause-driven initiative you’re passionate about. Learn:
  • The steps to implementing my team’s list collaboratively
  • To build a coalition within a social movement


El Pueblo Unido, Will Never Be Defeated: Community Developing in a Diverse World

Alvert Hernandez This interactive workshop will discuss how student leaders shape communities on college campuses. We know that students can either make or divide communities on college campuses. The power of inclusive leadership is necessary for student leaders to build strong and sustainable communities. This workshop is geared towards teaching student leaders the power of community building and sharing best practices on how to do so. After participating, students will be able to:
  • Learn diverse community building strategies
  • Discuss inclusion efforts for students of color and other marginalized communities
  • Learn how to navigate difficult conversations around community conflict

Workshop Block #7
Feel Great and Lead Well (repeats)

Rituals of Joy

Maurisa Li A Ping
Taking care of ourselves can be extremely challenging during difficult times. This workshop will explore joy as a way of being. Joy does not exist in the binary of grief or happiness but embodies them both. Joy is choosing to see the light in the midst of darkness. In this workshop, we will identify tangible flags for self-care and co-create practices for joy that center desire and promote holistic wellness. Participants will be able to:

  • Develop a nuanced understanding of joy as a way of being
  • Identify tangible flags for self-care
  • Cultivate practices for joy that center desire and promote holistic wellness

Health is Wealth! What Fitness Can Teach You About Success

Justin Jones
Do you know that the way you treat your body will affect everything else you do? Are you prioritizing health the way you should be? Your body is your trophy, and you only get one! Come and learn about what health and fitness can teach you about success, and strategies on how to be your healthiest self. Participants will learn:

  • The fascinating connection that health has to performance
  • The mindset shift needed to succeed.
  • Clear strategies on how to take control of your mental and physical health today

I Hate Having PTSD; It’s Awesome: Finding Your Mental Health Superpower

For the first time, mental health awareness is at the forefront of our current cultural conversations. In a climate that is heavily influenced by the sharing of human experiences through social media, we need relatable and culturally relevant resources that address tough topics such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many others. This workshop challenges participants to embrace self-awareness and how they can learn the benefits of transformative leadership experiences for themselves. This interactive experience will aid participants in their leadership skills through self-awareness, peer-to-peer dialogue, and intentional experiences. By incorporating popular social media and iconic cultural moments, this session leaves participants leaning into their authentic leadership style and unique mental and emotional power on and off of college campuses. Participants will be able to:

  • Identify two strengths directly derived from our unique mental health capacity
  • Discuss ways to combat feelings of meaninglessness and hopelessness
  • Discover at least two ways to create transformative experience for yourself and for your communities

One Reason Why Not™: What Every College Student Needs to Know About Mental Health and Well-Being

Collegiate Empowerment
Widespread stress, anxiety, online harassment, depression, suicide, substance abuse, addiction, and shootings have people thinking that life is hopeless. More than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past year. Mental health challenges are a leading obstacle facing today’s college students and are associated with a lower GPA and higher probability of dropping out of school. Treatment is effective and available, yet because of an unnecessary shame surrounding these issues, mental health isn’t openly discussed and too many students are suffering in silence. While the world may give you 13 Reasons Why you should feel uncared for, not valued, disrespected, or unworthy, all you need is One Reason Why Not™. There is hope. In this session, participants will:

  • Engage in conversations to understand the need for mental health and well-being.
  • Discuss mental health issues, risk factors, signs, and the overall impact.
  • Discover strategies for helping yourself and others in need to create a sustainable well-being.
  • Delve into The Empowered Mindset for psychological, emotional, and social transformation.

Barz That Raise the Bar: The Art of Endurance

Jonathan Cabrera
Ever been hit with so much at once that you wonder how you are going to get through the semester? What about getting through life? It is difficult for anyone to fulfill their role as a leader in society when things seem to be falling apart personally? We will discuss ways to develop the skills, tools, and mentality needed to endure through rhymin’ and freestylin.’ Spittin’ barz that raise the bar. After this workshop, students will:

  • Learn what is endurance and why it is a needed tool in leadership
  • Reflect on how they have exhibited endurance and how they can continue to reflect it constantly
  • Learn other individual endurance stories from the presenter and other student leaders
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