Call for Presenters

NCSL conference speaker

The Call for Presenters is now closed.

The workshops are 60-minutes long and fall into the following categories:

icon1. 21st Century Leadership: Basic and advanced leadership skills with an emphasis on developing critical thinking; creativity; collaboration; communication; information, technology, and media literacy; flexibility; initiative; productivity; and social skills.

icon2. Communication for Leaders: Communication is key to leading change, motivating participation, and expressing a personal point of view. Workshops in this category should help students master articulating a vision, communicating in groups, presenting to stakeholders, and other aspects of public motivational speaking.

icon3. Networking: Creating and expanding a personal network is a critical leadership skill. Workshops in this category will teach students to create more meaningful connections and build impactful relationships.

icon4. Leadership for Change and Inclusivity: Whether it is striving for social justice, fighting global warming, working to reduce food deserts in the community, promoting campus civility, or other cause-driven initiatives, this work requires exceptional leadership skills.

icon5. Life Skills and Personal Development: Leadership reaches beyond the conference — and beyond the classroom. Workshops in this block will teach the leadership skills students need to prepare for the world that awaits beyond the traditional college and university walls.

icon6. Self-care and Wellness: In the fast-paced world of student leadership it is easy to put yourself last. Yet, mental and physical health are key components of success. These workshops focus on mental health, self-care, and wellness for students.