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Roben Torosyan

Roben Torosyan is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Bridgewater State University. He has facilitated 92 workshops or presentations, 46 of them invited, at conferences and institutions including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, and NYU. A Board Member of the Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education (2015-2018), Torosyan brings expertise in critical thinking, trust, conflict, faculty dialogues, giving feedback, and time management. He has taught 29 course sections in philosophy, education, psychology, and leadership. He has published articles in New Directions in Teaching & Learning, To Improve the Academy, and the widely read Teaching Professor, plus chapters in crossover books about The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Torosyans studies ranged from engineering and studio art to an interdisciplinary PhD in cultural studies, philosophy, and education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Updated 01-18-2018

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