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Alice Cassidy

Alice Cassidy is principal of In View Educational Development. She is also the review editor at Elsevier Science and a learning specialist at BC Real Estate Association. In the past, Cassidy worked as the course coordinator in the Faculty of Science at University of British Columbia where she also designed and coordinated the first year course for students in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS), launched in September 2014. She has over 25 years of experience designing, directing, facilitating and teaching a wide variety of educational programs, including the award-winning Shad Valley Program for high-school students; university courses in biology and education for undergraduate and graduate students; and science education and natural history field classes for children, youth, and school teachers.

Cassidy helps individuals and groups through her work as an educational developer, science educator, writer, and photographer. She has led teaching and learning seminars for instructors at post-secondary institutions in BC, Ontario and China, and customized workshops for professionals in organizations in the community. Her areas of focus include active and participatory learning, professional development for organizations, use of self-directed learning, problems and cases in real-world settings, instructional and narrative skills, and students as active collaborators in the scholarship of teaching and learning. She very much enjoys facilitating participatory learning events that trigger the curiosity and creativity that dwells inside each of us. Cassidy has a BSc (honors) from the University of Victoria, an MSc from McGill University and a PhD from the University of British Columbia (UBC).



Updated: 08-30-2017

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