Robert Cipriano

Robert Ciprianoholds a PhD intherapeuticrecreation with a cognate specialization area ofcollegeteaching from New York University. He has writtenfivetextbooks, contributed chapters inthreeadditionaltextbooks, andhas published more than 180 journal articles and manuscripts. His book titledFacilitating a Collegial Department in Higher Education: Strategies for Successhas beenwell received throughout institutions of higher education. His most recenttwobooks, titledA ToolkitforDepartment ChairsandA Toolkit for College Professors, were published in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Both booksareco-authored with Jeffrey Buller.Ciprianohas received more than $9 million in federal and state grants and contracts from the US Department of Education. He has been selected as an expert reviewer to assess federal grants to the US Department of Education on 16occasions.Ciprianohas been invited to deliver more than 260 presentations in the US, Asia, and theMiddle East. He has conducted research and written extensively on the topics of civility and collegiality, managing conflict, chairs perceptions of important factors to consider in personnel decisions regarding faculty, including individuals with disabilities in higher education, and an ongoing study regarding the changing roles and responsibilities of academic leaders. He served as a department chair for 28 years. Cipriano is aseniorpartner in ATLAS - Academic Training, LeadershipandAssessment Services, an internationally acclaimed consulting firm specializing in academic leadership training.

Updated: 02-19-2018

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