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Melissa Terlecki

Melissa Terlecki is chair and associate professor of psychology at Cabrini College in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The pedagogy of Terlecki involves immersing students in an interactive, fluid learning environment. In the classroom, she fosters a comfortable, engaging atmosphere where students feel free to share, discuss, laugh, and think critically. Terlecki believes strongly in the value of working to better the community and spends a great deal of time volunteering with organizations aimed at making a positive impact. As an author, she has presented and published numerous articles and a book on training in spatial ability (including videogaming) and closing the gender gap. She as been a contributor to a new metacognition movement in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium of Higher Education (SEPCHE) band of seven schools to assess and educate faculty on metacognitive pedagogy and student learning. Terlecki also serves on the editorial board of Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. She also serves as the current chair of the Institutional Review Board at Cabrini.

Terlecki earned her PhD in cognitive psychology with a specialization in neuroscience from Temple University and a BA in psychology from The College of New Jersey.

Updated 01-17-2018

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