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Leslie Myers

Leslie Myers served as the director for Center of Teaching and Learning at Chestnut Hill College. She is also an adjunct professor of psychology. Myer's extensive experience in student learning and background in counseling have enabled her to develop strong pedagogy on how to create an environment that is conducive to student learning at any age. She has conducted intensive research on neuroscience, metacognition and how it can inform our teaching in the higher education classroom. Myers is an enthusiastic, dynamic and highly engaging speaker, educator, and consultant with a passion for student success across the abilities spectrum. She enjoys speaking about and leading workshops on this topic and others at conferences and institutions across the country. Before joining CHC , Myers worked as a middle-school teacher, high school counselor, and director in an alternative school.

Myers earned her EdD in organizational leadership from Grad Canyon University, MEd in counseling psychology from West Chester University, and BS in elementary education and teaching from WGrandnberg University.

Updated: 12-07-17

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