Kristi Verbeke, PhD

Kristi Verbeke, PhD is the director of educational development at Wake Forest University. She has been with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching since 2012. Prior to Wake Forest, she was at Wayne State University’s Office for Teaching and Learning for more than 10 years, serving as the acting director for five years. She teaches courses in both psychology and education, at the graduate and undergraduate level, face-to-face and fully online. She enjoys exploring all aspects of teaching and learning but is especially interested in how we can humanize the learning experience by infusing care and compassion in our work with students and one another. Verbeke also regularly presents at conferences geared toward teaching and learning issues and has spoken at other universities on teaching-related topics. She is a facilitator for the annual Getting Started preconference session at the POD Conference and has been organizing and hosting educational developer professional development sessions via PODLive for several years.
Last Updated: 01-05-2023