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How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom?


There are simple ways you can liven up the classroom experience so it feels fresh. This program shows you how to incorporate creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, approachability, and humor to reenergize your teaching and create a positive classroom environment that engages students and supports learning.


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Be the Teacher You Wanted to Have

Master teacher. The idea is a bit of a misnomer. It sounds intimidating. It suggests a long, protracted process-maybe even an elite status. But thats not what it is at all.

There are no years of required experience. No official credentials. Rather, it is far more aspirational, as it refers to a set of behaviors that distinguish the great teachers from the rest.

Thats good news because it means that everyone in higher education can start becoming a master teacher right away. You dont have to wait until youve logged a certain number of hours in the classroom or taken a certain exam. You just need to have a willingness to improve and know a few proven techniques to try.

Whats even better is that while these strategies might be grounded in theory, they are actually quite accessible. And you can learn some easy, adaptable techniques to try in just 20 minutes in How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom?.

Learning Goals

The program presenter is deeply committed to the craft of teaching and improving the learning environment for students and instructors alike.

She developed this program to help new and experienced educators incorporate more creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, approachability, and even humor into their courses.The presenter blends her expertise in psychology with academic research in pedagogy to present refreshing and accessible techniques that you can adapt to any discipline and apply to any course right away.

When you are finished with this program, you will be:

  • Familiar with these five traits of the positive master teacher
  • Exposed to several simple suggestions for promoting an inviting classroom climate
  • Able to identify and select teaching practices that work with and enhance your existing teaching style

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, you will explore specific behaviors and teaching practices that will create a more positive classroom and lead to more success and happiness for you and your students.

How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom? shows you easy ways to incorporate creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, approachability, and humor into your teaching style.


How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom? is packed with ideas you can try right away. These positive classroom traits are available to anyone who aspires to be a master teacher, and this program will show you how. Order today!

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