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Course Hero

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online teaching and learning library where you can access over 30 million course-specific resources contributed by our community of post-secondary instructors and students. Learn more at


Stylus Publishing


Founded in 1996, Stylus’ publishing focuses on higher education, covering such areas as teaching and learning, professional development, service learning and community engagement, study abroad, assessment, online learning, and leadership. Stylus is the official distributor of the book programs of ACPA, Campus Compact, and the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.


The Teaching Professor

The Teaching ProfessorThe Teaching Professor Membership is an annual membership that reflects the changing needs of today’s college faculty and the students they teach. This online publication includes great articles and practical, evidence-based insights about teaching and learning.

Magna Publications

Magna PublicationsMagna Publications serves the higher education community by producing online seminars, publications, conferences, and other products that support faculty and staff development. Since 1972, we have given thought-leaders on thousands of campuses a platform to share ideas with colleagues.We’re dedicated to providing authoritative resources through a variety of innovative products. We connect thought leaders from throughout higher ed to faculty, staff, and administrators to address the most pressing and timely issues. Since its inception, Magna Publications has been respected for its ability to present the kind of information you need to be an excellent teacher and leader.

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