Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any preconference workshops?

We will have several preconference workshops available (additional registration fee required). We will announce these after the beginning of the year.

How long has The Teaching Professor Conference been in existence?

The Teaching Professor Conference started in 2004 as an extension of The Teaching Professor newsletter. Since the first conference, thousands of educators have come to trust The Teaching Professor Conference as a trusted source of sharing the latest pedagogical thinking.

Where can I find list of conference sessions?

Selected sessions are listed on the website in early February of the conference year. The conference app is published about two weeks before the conference.

Where will next year’s conference be and when?

The 2023 Teaching Professor Conference date and location will be announced at the 2022 conference.

When can I submit a proposal to present at the conference?

The call for proposals is posted to the conference website in early August of the year prior to the conference. The call for proposals is open for submissions until mid-October. Accepted presenters are notified in January. After the call for proposals has been closed, no new submissions will be accepted.

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance to attend this conference?

We do not offer scholarships or financial assistance to attend The Teaching Professor Conference.

How many people attend this conference?

In most recent years, we have hosted 1,000 or more faculty.

Who should attend this conference?

This is a non-disciplinary conference. We welcome  educators from all levels and departments to participate. Educational developers, instructional designers, academic leaders, secondary-school educators might also find value in the conference.