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John Orlando

Associate Director, Northcentral University

John Orlando serves as the associate director of the faculty resource center at Northcentral University. He has published over 75 articles and delivered over 50 presentations, workshops, and keynotes on online education, teaching with technology, and social media. He is a passionate education consultant, educator, and educational administrator helping teachers learn how to use technology to transform their teaching practice and improve student performance. He served as editor of Online Classroom newsletter prior its merger with The Teaching Professor and remains the lead writer and editor for articles related to online learning. Previously he served as program director for two online masters degrees at Norwich University, the eLearning director at National Life Group, employee development manager at Vertek Corporation, and the senior program director for the University of Vermont Division of Continuing Education.

Orlando holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in information assurance from the Norwich University.

Updated 9-17-2019

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