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Who Am I When I Teach? Understanding Teacher Persona

This seminar helps you understand how your teacher persona, the classroom dynamic, professional satisfaction, and options for communication intersect to enhance the learning and teaching environment.

Teacher Persona

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Discover the Powerful Influence of Your Teaching Persona

The learning environment we seek to spark begins with who we are when we teach. Our teacher persona can ignite or impede our engagement at the same time it can ignite or impede students’ engagement as they pursue new ideas.

The teaching persona we bring to our work can set a tone for a productive dynamic, lead us to communicate with clarity, and invite a joy for learning. Too often educators are told, be natural, be yourself, without being given any real guidance as to how to develop an authentic teaching identity that can serve to embolden our teaching and spark student commitment to learning.

To engage in the growth that will enable you and your students to thrive in the classroom, choose the online seminar from Magna Publications, Who Am I When I Teach? Understanding Teaching Persona.


Through case studies, questions for self-reflection, options for follow-up activities, and resources for continuing understanding and application, this online seminar provides you with the tools to gain insights into your teaching personas role as a catalyst in the development of an engaging teaching and learning environment.

Learning Goals

After participating in this online seminar, you will be able to:

  • Clarify your own teaching directions to gain insight into avenues for professional growth and satisfaction that impact the environment for learning and teaching

This seminar on the cultivation of your teaching self will help you:

  • Enhance your professional fulfillment and advancement through the development of a teacher persona that resonates meaningfully with your personal identity
  • Foster enriched student understanding of the learning environment
  • Increase your ability to communicate your intentions in teaching, your expectations of learners, and the significance of content

In addition to professionally significant growth, you will take away from this seminar:

  • Tools for tracking how educators choices in the classroom impact communications with students, as well as student interaction and engagement
  • Follow-up activities for ongoing critical self-assessment and professional development
  • Resources for cultivating the benefits of drawing on your teaching persona to foster an enriched learning and teaching environment
  • Interaction with a professional resource who can answer your questions about developing, adapting, and meaningfully communicating your teaching persona

Topics Covered

For fulfilling a personally meaningful and professionally effective role in the classroom, choose the online seminar from Magna Publications, Who Am I When I Teach? Understanding Teaching Persona.

During this seminar, you:

  • Discover key features of your own teaching identity
  • Develop an awareness of the choices and influences those features generate in the learning environment
  • Expand your repertoire of teaching capabilities through critical reflection on the relationships among teaching identity, learning environment, expectations, and engagement
  • Activate catalysts for the continuing growth of your teaching identity to bring ongoing meaning and accomplishment to your work


The central question of the identity we bring to teaching is broadly applicable for diverse educators in practically any field, at all kinds of institutions of higher education, and in the range of instructional formats—live, online, or hybrid.

Virtually all educators involved in teaching in higher education will benefit from the discussions of professional growth in the online seminar from Magna Publications, Who Am I When I Teach? Understanding Teaching Persona.

The online seminar is specifically designed to be broadly applicable for:

  • Adjunct, assistant, associate, and full professors
  • Department chairs and administrators who train or mentor faculty
  • Educators in both traditional and online classrooms
  • Educators in diverse disciplines
  • Faculty developers


Order today. Through the development, understanding, evolution, and reflection of our teaching identities, we learn to thrive in the classroom while we enhance the learning environment for students and for ourselves. Enrich your journey of professional growth as a dynamic process rather than a static destination.

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Teacher Persona

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