Opening Keynote

Friday, November 19, 2021

Become Your Own Brand: Emergent Leadership Strategies for Post-Graduate Success

Become Your Own Brand keynote teaches students how to thrive in their industry before graduation. In a global market, the competition for jobs is fierce and most companies are hiring students that know how their skills, passions, and experiences connect to the workforce before they begin their professional career. This keynote connects studentโ€™s major, strengths, and passions to create an academic pre-professional plan that promotes leadership development in their field. BYOB provides strategies to improve studentโ€™s confidence and campus experience, by building their pre-professional brand at the university.

Learning objectives

  • Audit and budget weekly schedule to avoid procrastination
  • Connect studentโ€™s background, passion, and interests to relevant majors and professional development experiences on campus
  • Develop strategies to envision, market, and promote oneโ€™s self during college to improve their campus experience


Dar Mayweather is a leadership studies faculty member at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has more than a decade of diversity and inclusion teaching, consulting, and training experience. His professional journey began in corporate, then mental health, before ending up in higher education. He holds a BS in criminal justice, a MS in education and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in educational leadership at Eastern Michigan University. He received Eastern Michigan University’s Student Success and Engagement Award and the State of Michigan’s King Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellow Award. Mayweather’s work focuses on Black student activism, inclusive leadership development, and equity in higher education. He credits a lot of his professional growth to the Social Justice Training Institute and the Intergroup Relations Department at the University of Michigan.

Closing Keynote

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Foster a Culture of Inclusion in Your Class or on Your Campus

Inclusive leadership can be an elusive and ambiguous term. Yet as the US student population grows ever more diverse and emerging markets strengthen around the globe, it is an emerging leadership capability that will be vital to the success of our campuses and internship opportunities in the near future.

Busy student leaders and campus leaders need to know precisely what they can and should do to be inclusive leaders who truly foster a sense of belonging within their teams that results in employee engagement, high performance, and consistent results now and into the future.

In this program, Raven breaks inclusive leadership down into six straightforward characteristics, demonstrating what each looks like in everyday leadership. She covers the inner drivers necessary to actualize these characteristics in a way that team members can see and feel. Your students and leaders will leave with a clear understanding of the importance of their inclusive leadership, newfound courage to lean into discomfort, and an awakened curiosity to learn more about themselves and their biases as well as the lived experiences of others.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the six characteristics of highly inclusive leaders as well as their drivers.
  • Explain the quantitative and qualitative value of inclusive leadership.
  • Identify personal areas of opportunity to be a more inclusive leader.
  • Develop an action-oriented plan for personal growth.


Raven Solomon is an entrepreneur, keynote inspirational speaker, and the president and founder of the Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development, a Charlotte-based training and development startup focused on providing soft skill development to the future of the workplace. A proud graduate of North Carolina State University, Raven earned one of the highest academic achievements possible, graduating first of over 8,000 graduating students. After N.C. State, she joined Pepsi Co. and rapidly scaled the ranks. During her time at PepsiCo, Raven led diverse multigenerational teams of hundreds to staggering, sustainable results, but is most proud of the lasting impact left on people, evident after her departure in 2016. Today, Raven is on a mission to use her corporate leadership and business experienceโ€”along with her powerful personal storyโ€”to remove obstacles for young professionals and inspire communities across the world to overcome and thrive.