2024 Conference Keynotes

Opening Keynote

Friday, November 22 ǀ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Awakening Your Warrior Spirit

Erin Pompa, Erin Pompa LLC

Every single day, we’re bombarded with countless expectations, whether they come from society, our families, or the never-ending stream of perfection on social media. These expectations can weigh heavy on our shoulders, making us believe that our worth is solely determined by whether we meet them or not. It’s like walking through a minefield of negative thoughts, where every misstep threatens our self-esteem. But here’s the thing: Awakening Your Warrior Spirit isn’t just a pep talk; its a transformative journey towards reclaiming your power and resilience. Together, we’ll dive headfirst into tough times, refusing to let them define who we are.  Introducing the PAG framework: a powerful tool to change how we see things and take charge of our inner dialog. Through this framework, we’ll learn how to silence the relentless chatter of self-doubt and replace it with gratitude and acceptance. When we’re finished, you won’t just understand these principles; you’ll use them to create a life full of abundance and courage. So gear up, because it’s time to awaken your inner warrior and stride boldly into a future filled with possibility! 

Erin Pompa is a motivational speaker and educator helping students navigate fear and strengthen resilience. She received her master’s degree in dance education from New York University and is an adjunct professor at Berkeley College. Erin uses her journey and 15 years of experience in arts education, performance, and curriculum design to deliver educational and inspirational presentations for students. She has been featured in Dance Magazine, Dance Business Weekly, and won the Toastmasters Area and District 83 Table Topics Competition in 2022. Erin is on a mission to help inspire and empower audiences with the tools to overcome limiting beliefs that are stopping them from excelling in their life.

All Conference Leadership Lab

Saturday, November 23 ǀ 8:45 am - 10:15 am

Stay in H.A.R.M.’s Way – How to Amplify the Impact of Your Leadership

Chris Collins, Chris C Speaks

Being a student leader can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to stay in H.A.R.M.’s Way! Yes, you heard that right! The H.A.R.M. Leadership Model empowers students with practical and immediately applicable tools to be more Powerful, Effective, and Balanced student leaders. In this interactive Leadership Lab, scholars will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Evaluate and list the personal stressors/limitations they encounter in their leadership roles and develop action plans to deal with them in a way that exceeds expectations.
  • Learn to model the proper execution of tasks and duties and be personally accountable.
  • Learn to create a culture of excellence by organizing balanced groups to complete tasks and achieve their organization’s objectives.
  • Identify their leadership abilities and increase their influence and effectiveness as a leader in their organizations.

Chris is a speaker, author, and consultant with a message that is inspiring students across the country. His unique blend of humor, knowledge, and energy provide high impact moments with results that last long after the presentation. Chris has delivered talks to all types of crowds, including two of the largest high school districts in the country, national conferences, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities of every shape, size, and hue. He doesn’t always give speeches, but when he does, they’re your favorite speeches!

Closing Keynote

Saturday, November 23 ǀ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The Power Within: Building Unshakeable Confidence

Nicki Joiner, TYS Speakers

Confidence is not an innate, fixed characteristic. It’s a skill that can be acquired and improved overtime. Believing in yourself is important, yet we all have moments—days, months, or even years—when we are unsure of our ability to tackle some of life’s toughest challenges. During this session, we will discuss what we can do to instill and maintain a high level of confidence so that we can reach our fullest potential.

Nicki is a public speaker and consultant who helps people navigate diverse environments with confidence and understanding. She takes a practical approach when discussing inclusion with college students across North America. Nicki has earned two degrees and two certificates in relevant fields of study and is a graduate of both Central Michigan University and Ball State University. Nicki is a TedX speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur and has been featured on Amazon PRIME on the largest reality TV show for entrepreneurs. You can connect with her on Instagram @thatssoniickki, Threads, LinkedIn, and Facebook!