NCSL: The best conference for new and experienced student leaders

NCSL puts you on the fast track to leadership excellence. 

  • Discover what it takes to be a good leader in today’s shifting cultural landscape. 
  • Succeed in college and after graduation by developing skill sets your college degree won’t teach you. 

Get out of your comfort zone.

And have a ton of fun doing it. 


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When you choose NCSL, you’re choosing THE best student leadership conference. NCSL has trained more than 25,000 students over the past 44 years. Colleges, trade schools and universities from across the USA and around the world have sent their best students to this ultimate leadership training experience. Now it’s your turn! Attend NCSL in Fall 2024 and become the leader you’ve dreamed of being. 


The National Conference on Student Leadership is:

  • Independent. Your feedback alone directly affects our speakers, topics, activities, and location selection every year.
  • Personalized. You create the conference you need by customizing your workshop schedule. Our App makes it easy.
  • Inclusive and Diverse. Benefit from hearing different perspectives and connecting with people from completely different backgrounds.
  • Fun with a Purpose. Get off your seats and on your feet from the very first welcome session.
  • Membership. Develop a culture of championing student leadership at your campus. Member Institutions receive significant benefits. Attend NCSL in 2024 and receive a free NCSL Membership for your campus!

NCSL over-delivers on all fronts: 

  • World-class presenters
  • Interactive sessions
  • Customizable workshop schedule
  • Diverse attendees and campuses
  • Next-Gen leadership strategies
  • Inclusive networking for all personality types
  • Personal and professional development you’ll use for the rest of your life
  • Legendary facilitators
  • ADA friendly

People who attend NCSL gain much more than information. They leave NCSL encouraged, inspired, and equipped with what to do next. 

Leave your preconceived ideas of what a conference is. NCSL is unlike any conference you’ve been to.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Why Attend NCSL in 2024

NCSL exists to develop strong student leaders and to inspire the advisors who support them.

We know there are amazing and talented students doing important work across the country! When students lead, they gain essential skills. Companies want to hire students with proven records of leadership experience. 

But employers are having a hard time finding people with the right skill sets for the job. College students aren’t learning enough about critical thinking, communication, or conflict management. They crave help #adulting. 

At NCSL, students will gain new leadership skills and practice them right away. They will create an implementation plan to take back to their campus. 

World Class Presentations

Every keynote is research-based educational content delivered in a culturally relevant way. The NCSL speakers and workshop leaders deliver cutting-edge presentations that do more than just motivate students. They give students tangible skills to lead on campus and beyond. Be prepared for an unforgettable conference experience! Think of each of the keynotes as an un-keynote designed to get you thinking, networking and difference-making.

Speakers Who Get You

Our speakers move beyond theory into practical application because they’ve been right where you are. They are business owners, advocates, advisors, teachers, professors, entrepreneurs, poets, and artists. They are first-generation college grads, children of immigrants, and people busting the status quo on a regular basis.

They get you. And they want to relate with you during the conference. 

“My favorite part of the conference was interacting with the presenters and speakers, whether it was during keynotes, workshops, or just meeting them outside of the rooms.”
—NCSL attendee

Conference Workshops

Build the best conference for your needs with a customizable workshop schedule. Plan to attend any session in any track. Make this conference your own!

Workshop topics include: 

  • innovative leadership for changing times
  • leadership for change and inclusivity
  • communication skills for leaders 
  • life skills and personal development
  • networking
  • self-care and wellness

Advisors—check out the program designed just for you.

Advisor-Only Sessions

When you’re on the student affairs career track, you’re dealing with a bit of everything. Discipline. Counseling. Marketing. Event planning. Emergency response. It’s a lot. We get it.

The NCSL Advisor Experience is custom crafted to deliver content that will help you tackle your biggest challenges in student affairs.

Use the NCSL App to Connect & Coordinate

Download the NCSL App to connect with other conference attendees ahead of time. Use the app during the conference so you’ll always know when and where you’re supposed to be. And after the conference, you’ll be able to download speaker handouts and other info to help you apply all that you learned to your day-to-day life on campus.

Attend NCSL if you are:

A student, especially a third- or fourth-year student


On a campus activities

Involved in
other extracurricular organizations

Interested in becoming a
leader on your campus

students and student leaders in any capacity

NCSL Helps You Lead
Better than Ever

We aim to make every conference better than the last. We bring back beloved speakers and invite many new ones. Alumni become workshop leaders. Every conference has its own vibe.

But there’s one thing that always stays the same: our dedication to being the best conference on student leadership.

You have it in you already: ideas, strength, empathy, advocacy.

You’re already a leader on your campus—whether you’re in charge of one person or a hundred. You have what it takes to make a difference. The world needs your voice. Don’t miss your chance to become a GREAT leader.