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Magna Seminar Series

The Magna Seminar Series is a robust professional development series that is designed to save you time and money while also fueling your faculty with the tips, advice and encouragement they need. All 26 seminars included in this series allow for interactive questions and responses with the speakers, two-week access to each seminar, handouts, teaching materials and more.

Magna Seminar Series

12-Month Subscription

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The Ultimate Resource for Educators

Fuel your faculty and educators with the professional development they want and need when signing up for an annual subscription to the Magna Seminar Series. All programs are designed for educators and offer insight into teaching pedagogy, theories, and hands-on activities to inspire innovative classroom teaching.

An annual subscription offers each campus access to the Magna Seminar Series with new seminars launched every two weeks. Each online seminar includes:

  • Two week on-demand access for all educators on your campus
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations designed by the keynote speakers
  • A written transcript
  • Supplemental handouts and teaching materials

What better way to inspire your faculty than with access to 26 teaching seminars each year? Now is the time to sign up for the Magna Seminar Series.

Check out the 2021 Magna Seminar Series Schedule

The Benefits of an Annual Subscription

As an administrator, you know that professional development for your faculty needs to be effective and inspiring. It can be daunting when tasked with creation of materials for professional development. The Magna Seminar Series gives you on-going educational development that all your faculty can easily access.

All programs in this annual subscription are designed specifically for faculty and educators with 26 seminars focused on teaching and learning. In addition, each seminar is available for two weeks until the next seminar launches.

This innovative seminar series embraces critical thinking with presentations by a variety of top education experts. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Backward Design
  • Teaching Strategies for Flipped Classrooms
  • Grant Writing Tips and Resources
  • Microlearning
  • Pandemic Pedagogy
  • Contemplative Pedagogy
  • Assessment Strategies
  • … and More!

The Subscription That Keeps on Giving

We realize that teaching has changed drastically in the face of a pandemic. That’s why professional development is even more important than ever. Simplify the process and provide your faculty and educators with the tools they need to succeed in a face-to-face or virtual classroom.

This seminar series offers you a cost-effective educational development solution. An annual subscription to the Magna Seminar Series offers:

  • Twenty-six 60-minute seminars each year
  • One price for all faculty on your campus
  • Two-week access to each seminar
  • The option to submit questions for each program
  • A preview of the upcoming program schedule to assist with planning

The Price is Right

An annual subscription to the Magna Seminar series costs only $1,297 per campus. Whether you have 20 or 100 faculty accessing the professional development series, the price is the same.

With just one login and password for the entire campus, you also find convenience without the hassle of assigning a variety of logins. Don’t delay. Save on the resources your educators need.

For a low rate, you can save money on professional development programs, manage your webinar expenses and offer on-going staff development that is already scheduled. This educational resource is ideal for faculty, online faculty, teaching assistants, adjunct faculty, professors, instructors and teachers.

Start Your Annual Subscription Today!

We know that the professional development resources can be limited. That’s why we’ve created the Magna Seminar Series with ready-made workshops from top educators eager to help your faculty develop skills as a professional. The high-quality programs come directly to you every two weeks for an entire year and each year after that.

Provide your faculty with superior resources they need with an annual subscription to the Magna Seminar Series.

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Magna Seminar Series

12-Month Subscription

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