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How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change?


To successfully effect meaningful change, you need a group that shares your belief that something needs to happen. Learn how to build a case for change and then how to use that case to assemble a team to lead the change effort.


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How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change?

Have you ever noticed a glaring issue, a problem just begging to be resolved, a change just asking to be made—and no one else seems to notice? And it seems like such a monumental concern that it is hard to believe no one is doing anything about it.

It makes you stop and wonder: Are we even on the same campus?

The problem is that there are a lot of problems. We cant solve them all, so it’s easy to throw up our hands at any and all of them. Change is hard. Why bother?

Yet when a nagging issue keeps you up at night and you decide to tackle it, you don’t have to give in to the apathy all around you. But you do have to do a little legwork.

Before you can really tackle the problem you want to solve, you have to demonstrate that it is a problem that you have to solve right now. Then you have to convince the right group of people to join you in resolving it.

You can learn how to build your case and build your team in How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change?

Learning Goals

The program presenter himself has led many successful campus change efforts over the course of his higher education career.

He has been involved with a few that didn’t work out that well, too. And while he knows his theory, he focuses his recommendations on accessible, adaptable strategies that you can grasp and implement right away.

With methods and guidance that are culled from both research and practice, these aren’t ideas that should work. These are plans that do work.

When you are finished with this program, you will be able to:

  • Know why creating a sense of urgency is critical to an effort to change the status quo
  • Identify and articulate different ways to build urgency
  • Choose which method is most appropriate for the change you want to effect
  • Know why building a leadership team is important and how it increases your likelihood of success
  • Build a team that captures all the skill sets and characteristics you will need for your effort
  • Set that team in motion so you have a coalition of individuals building urgency for change and working to realize that change

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, you will learn why urgency matters and how to create it for the change you want to realize for your campus.

How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change? shows you how to begin your change effort (and cautions against top-down decrees) and details approaches to building a case for change among your key constituents.

Then you’ll learn how to assemble a team and set it in motion. It sounds like a lot—and it is—but because Magna Publications knows how to boil down big issues to the essentials you need, you’ll learn everything in just 20 minutes!


How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change? presents several ways to make your case and then shows you how to use that case to build your team—all in just 20 minutes. Order today!

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