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How to Create and Run a Successful Threat Assessment Program

Colleges are not powerless in the face of growing campus violence. Awareness, vigilance, and a proactive approach to threats can keep our communities safe.

Two students walk alone on campus during the day

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Prevention Takes Planning: Is Your Institution Forward-Thinking on Campus Safety?

While much attention is paid (laudably) to how we respond to violent incidents on campus, less is paid to preventing such incidents. At many colleges and universities, the creation of threat assessment teams and the use of other proactive steps lag behind crisis response.

To help move your institution quickly forward on the prevention front, Magna Publications presents How to Create a Successful Threat Assessment Team at Your College. This is an invaluable seminar that will guide you through the steps needed to establish a program to identify and defuse campus threats.


The program presents a detailed, start-to-finish look at threat assessment initiatives. You’ll discover:

  • Why the need for threat assessment teams is acute
  • How to begin forming a team
  • What the core functions of the team should be
  • Who to include on your team and its leadership
  • How to appropriately size your team and program for your institution
  • How to structure your operations
  • How to manage your record keeping and documentation
  • How to achieve a robust interdisciplinary approach to threat assessment
  • What to look for when assessing individuals who may pose threats
  • How to intervene when a threat is identified
  • How to budget for your threat assessment program

Learning Goals

It’s a remarkably content-rich program that will leave you well positioned to:

  • Advocate effectively for the establishment of a threat assessment team
  • Assemble your team and create your program
  • Manage the ongoing operations of your threat assessment team
  • Develop sound strategies for threat identification and response


We recommend this program for everyone involved in making your campus a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests. Share it with your colleagues in:

  • Law enforcement
  • Student services
  • Counseling
  • Teach faculty
  • Legal services
  • Human resources
  • Disability services
  • Emergency management


Make sure your efforts to address campus violence include not just strong response measures, but critical preventive ones as well. Order How to Create a Successful Threat Assessment Team at Your College today!

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Two students walk alone on campus during the day

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