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Refresh Your Course with Straightforward Design Changes

Learn a new set of strategies to help you support a refreshed course, as well as strategies for making measurable improvements over time without adding undue burdens to your schedule.

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Revitalize Your Courses Without a Total Remake

Teaching multiple courses or teaching the same course multiple times puts a unique burden on educators: how to present the material in an engaging way each time, even though you have taught the course repeatedly.

You may find it easier to keep doing what you’ve always done. But this tactic will inevitably make the course seem old and tired—to you and your students.

Fortunately, there are ways to give your course a makeover without redoing it completely. That’s the focus of Refresh Your Course with Straightforward Design Changes, the 40-minute online seminar from Magna Publications.

Even the most inspired teacher can hit a brick wall after teaching the same course time and again. By watching this seminar, you see how to:

  • Lay out a rational schedule to revitalize the course
  • Find new ways to make the subject matter come alive
  • Involve students in acquiring new skills and correcting troublesome areas

Participants also get a fact sheet with background information and additional resources on revitalization.


Discover simple yet innovative ways to make a course look and feel new. Learn how to use the natural energy and curiosity of students to help you reshape and revitalize courses.

Walk away with a new set of resources to help you support a refreshed course, as well as strategies for making measurable improvements over time without adding undue burdens to your schedule.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the simple but effective solutions for course design. With key points from this seminar, discover how to:

  • Make meaningful changes to your course without a huge investment of time
  • Generate deeper student engagement
  • Make the course more enjoyable to teach

Learning Goals

After participating in this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Take a systematic approach to revitalizing almost any course you teach
  • Identify teaching and assessment resources that support the revitalization
  • Implement course revisions gradually on a timetable that works for you
  • Search different technology resources for effective teaching materials, including digital images, videos, online multimedia tutorials, and MOOCs
  • Determine assessment tools you’ll need and help students practice their skills

Topics Covered

The central focus of this 40-minute seminar is to show easy-to-implement ways for keeping your courses fresh and interesting. During this seminar, you learn how to:

  • Identify topics and methods that have always given your students difficulty
  • Establish skills you’d like students to acquire and improve
  • Formulate clear statements for student goals
  • Browse texts and technology resources for materials that facilitate students’ achievements
  • Plan a reasonable schedule to revitalize the course
  • Revise your course syllabus to organize and communicate the changes
  • Pinpoint changes in your field that call for updating your course

Focusing on these topics can help you efficiently make essential changes in your course presentation when you return to the classroom.


Breathing new life into courses is a challenge that nearly every educator will face at one time or another. It not only affects members of the teaching community, but it also has a profound impact on students and the school’s reputation.

Refresh Your Course with Straightforward Design Changes can energize practically anyone who has to teach the same course year after year. In particular, participation will benefit these members of the academic community:

  • Instructors
  • Lecturers
  • Adjunct professors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Assistant professors
  • Associate professors
  • Professors
  • Faculty developers
  • Department heads
  • Educators at both 2 and 4-year schools
  • Educators at both public and private institutions

Seminar members with an intermediate expertise in teaching will find this presentation especially helpful for restoring the satisfaction of teaching perennial courses.


Reignite the excitement and promise of even seemingly tired courses in this lively, interactive discussion. Order now.

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