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Title IX Essentials: Distinguishing Consent

Become a more effective advocate, prevent sexual assault on your campus, learn how to distinguish consent, and treat all involved parties fairly as you investigate and adjudicate sexual assault complaints on your campus.

Green street signs reads "Consent' next to green traffic light

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The way you approach sexual violence can transform campus culture and change lives forever.

In today’s college world, consent has become difficult to distinguish.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can better define what sexual consent means, and you can also effectively meet the needs of students and improve the ways difficult and painful situations of sexual violence are handled.

This online seminar, Title IX Essentials: Distinguishing Consent, looks at the many aspects of consent: how it manifests itself, why it may be difficult to determine in some cases, and why it is so important in today’s litigious society.


Consent is the cornerstone of many Title IX complaints on campus. Today more than ever, we need clear understanding of this vital construct as we investigate and adjudicate sexual violence in our campus processes.

Presenter Connie J. Kirkland, MA, NCC, approaches the topic from a place of depth, breadth, and experience. By participating, you will better understand:

  • How to distinguish consent
  • How to treat all parties involved fairly as you investigate and adjudicate sexual assault complaints
  • How to ask the right questions and approach sexual assault complaints with respect and responsibility
  • How to handle difficult and painful situations with respect and compassion and thus create a more inclusive campus environment

Learning Goals

Consent is an important compliance and humanitarian issue that administrators, law enforcement personnel, Title IX coordinators, faculty, and campus staff are likely to be faced with at some point.

This online seminar is designed to help you become a more effective advocate in preventing sexual assault on your campus. By ordering, you will:

  • Better understand what consent means in the context of sexual activity
  • Clearly identify what consent is not in the context of sexual activity
  • Feel confident in your ability to ask the right questions when investigating situations involving sexual violence
  • Have the ability to listen more accurately and completely when approaching sexual violence complaints

Topics Covered

  • Understanding that sexual assault is not sex but rather violence with a life-altering impact
  • Ten ways to distinguish consent-defining and putting them into action
  • Why asking for and giving consent is crucial
  • Learning to listen carefully as students explain what occurred during the incident
  • Asking key questions of students involved in a sexual violence campus process


This seminar is intended for anyone interested in becoming better prepared to handle situations involving sexual violence and becoming an advocate in preventing sexual assault on campus. This includes:

  • Dean of students
  • Faculty and staff
  • Title IX coordinators
  • Student services personnel
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Legal services personnel


This seminar creates an opportunity for staff to offer much needed support regarding situations of sexual violence in a fair and unbiased way. Order today for the knowledge you need to transform lives on campus and beyond.

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Green street signs reads "Consent' next to green traffic light

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