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Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option?

Group work doesn’t always have the best reputation. Learn how to overcome common concerns about group exams and how to employ them to increase student learning and improve outcomes for students and for you.

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Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option?

Imagine the reaction you’ll get when you put students into groups not for an activity but for an exam.

And for all the criticism you get from students, you can expect just as much—if not more—from your colleagues.

So if no one likes the idea of group assessments, why are we even talking about them?

Like many things inside academia and out, group exams are not bad. They’re just misunderstood.

When used correctly, group exams can be incredibly powerful tools that minimize testing anxiety for students, promote peer learning, and model real-world problem solving.

And like many of the best approaches in teaching, they are scalable and adaptable to just about every discipline and level.

So if you’ve heard the whispers about group exams and want to find out whether they are the real deal or merely fantasy, you’ll want to watch Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option?

Learning Goals

Group exams can bestow many unique benefits that are nearly impossible to realize with traditional independent assessments.

When you are finished with this program, you will know:

  • The most common objections to group exams
  • How group exams can be scaled to fit your comfort level
  • How to structure group exams so that you can accurately measure individual learning
  • How to keep group exams challenging yet fair
  • How to use group exams to facilitate greater learning
  • How group exams can promote peer learning among students
  • How group exams can better prepare students for careers after graduation

When used thoughtfully and appropriately, group exams offer benefits that far outweigh any perceived risks.

But the best thing about these powerful tools is that you can employ group exams only if you choose to do so, and only when you are ready.

Topics Covered

Group exams are growing more prevalent, but they are still not typically utilized because of several common objections.

The presenter addresses those concerns and explains how to adapt group exams to fit into individual instructional comfort zones.

She shares several common approaches and interpretations of group assessments along with several reasons to give them a try—all in just 20 minutes.

Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option? presents real solutions that have worked for other instructors and that can work for you.


The program presenter regularly and enthusiastically pursues strategies that keep students and instructors engaged and successful.

As she began to explore group exams, she quickly discovered that they were used more often than she expected and more successfully than she imagined. In this 20-minute video, she will share what she has learned about why group exams can work and how to incorporate them into your courses. Purchase now.

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People sit around round table collaborating on papers

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