How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?

How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?

Online teaching doesn’t have the same time constraints
as face-to-face instruction

You’re free to spend all the time in the world providing feedback and interacting with students.

There’s only one problem—do you have all the time in the world?

Just as with face-to-face instruction, faculty need efficient instruction practices when teaching online.

If you’ve noticed a disconnect between what matters and what you spend your time on, using proven time-management practices in your online teaching can help you do a better job of providing feedback and achieving instructional priorities.

Learn how with How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?

Learning Goals

Feedback is even more important in online teaching than it is in traditional classrooms. The program presenter maintains that most faculty already know how to provide quality feedback, and the real hurdle they face is finding the time to practice the way they would like to teach.

Mixing broad principles and practical advice, the presenter will show you how to identify and dismantle your barriers to effective instruction.

After viewingHow Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?, you’ll be able to:

  • Appraise your teaching strategies and combine repetitive tasks
  • Construct daily, weekly, and term teaching schedules in accordance with time management principles
  • Use time limits on instructional tasks to follow your time management plan
  • Evaluate online teaching tasks in light of your instructional priorities

Topics Covered

You learn time management concepts to follow when structuring your courses, plus the areas where you should focus your energy.

You’ll also learn practical tips, such as:

  • Why using a timer is so important in online teaching
  • How a “not to do” list can help you address instructional priorities
  • What daily, weekly, and course overviews can do to promote efficient instruction


  • Does “housekeeping” seem to take an inordinate amount of time in your online courses?
  • Are you disturbed by the gap between your instructional priorities and what you spend your time on?
  • Do you wish you could develop more efficient instruction practices?
  • Are you looking for time management tips for online teaching?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching? is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to online teaching or whether you’ve taught several courses online. This seminar is geared for intermediate audiences.

If you’re an online educator, you owe it to your students—and yourself—to learn how you can offer helpful feedback and cover your instructional priorities in a realistic and reasonable amount of time. 


There’s no time clock to punch in the online teaching environment, so you need to set your own limits and make every minute count.

Start improving your time management skills today with this online course management program.

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