How Do I Overcome Faculty Barriers to Online Teaching?

How Do I Overcome Faculty Barriers to Online Teaching?

Gain Faculty Support for Your Online Programming

Even though colleges and universities are enlarging their catalog of online courses and degree programs, faculty resistance to this trend is common.

Some educators claim that cheating is more pervasive online than in face-to-face classrooms. Others believe that online courses are inferior and less academically rigorous. Still others think that developing and teaching online courses is more arduous than traditional classes. Because online courses are here to stay, school officials have to find thoughtful ways to address these concerns.


Without the buy-in of teachers, any online curriculum is prone to fail. This video presentation gives you practical steps and insights that can ultimately have a tremendously positive impact on online education at your institution. View this presentation, and you will:

  • Discover how to help educators develop online course material efficiently
  • Learn how to give ongoing support to teachers
  • Come up with consistent policies and procedures that support your efforts
  • Provide high-quality faculty development opportunities related to online education
  • See how to handle concerns about compensation, workload, and tenure related to online courses
  • Negotiate equitable intellectual property agreements with online instructors

Learning Goals

After viewing the informed, conversational presentation on this vital topic, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize different forms of faculty resistance
  • Apply realistic, ready-made solutions that undo these fears
  • Counteract the belief that online courses are being forced upon faculty
  • Enlist teacher involvement through workshops, mentoring, and social functions
  • Communicate effectively with staff, faculty, and administrators to offset skepticism

Topics Covered

School administrators who make a steady, concerted effort to engage teachers early in the development of online courses can see an uptick in satisfaction among both students and educators. Thatís just one of the keys of success revealed in the How Do I Overcome Faculty Barriers to Online Teaching? presentation.

Youíll explore the different fears and concerns of faculty when it comes to online teaching and acquire practical answers. Youíll learn about the misconceptions that educators harbor about online courses and how to debunk them in respectful, constructive ways.

Presenter will also share the problems he faced at his school when he tried to set up an online program curriculum, and heíll reveal practical, tested solutions that worked for his colleagues.

In this tightly focused program, you'll learn how to put easy-to-implement strategies into practice, ones that can neutralize the skepticism of educators and lead to an increase in teaching fulfillment.

Simply put, youíll walk away with a variety of strategies that your school can execute to break down walls to online teaching.


Using the practical, proven insights and actionable ideas presented in this video, you can help your faculty conquer their skepticism of online teaching, gain greater satisfaction in their work, and turn out a better class of students. Buy your video today.

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