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How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement?


COVID-19 RESOURCELearn proven techniques you can use immediately to transform your lectures from necessary evils to persuasive presentations. Discover how educating and motivating students gets easier when you develop mini-lectures that are based on how the brain works.


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COVID-19 RESOURCEHow Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement?

Active learning is the name of the game in higher education today, but no matter how much emphasis your curriculum places on engaging students, sometimes you still have to disseminate information via lecture. Learn how to deliver effective mini-lectures that resonate with your students in How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement?, a Magna 20-Minute Mentor.

Based on research in cognitive and educational psychology, and integrating best practices from business and teaching theories, this fast and focused session offers you the insights you need to upgrade your teaching and the practical guidance to help you get started.


With its balanced blend of theory and practice,How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement? gives you ten tips for developing an effective presentation. You will explore:

  • Techniques to facilitate student memory processing through lecture notes
  • The optimal length for a mini-lecture
  • Design elements you should and shouldn’t use in classroom presentations
  • The key ingredients of a Zen presentation
  • Practices great communicators use to connect with their audiences
  • Content and stylistic guidelines to make sure your mini-lectures are engaging students

In less time than it takes to actually deliver a mini-lecture, you’ll learn how to design one that helps you achieve your learning outcomes and succeed at educating and motivating students.

Checklists, lists of dos and don’ts, and detailed recommendations regarding what it takes to create persuasive mini-lectures and avoid death by PowerPoint are included along with this session. The supplements will be extremely helpful for faculty teaching in all disciplines and at all kinds of institutions.

Learning Goals

Research reveals that while the lecture format is one of the most common teaching methods in colleges and universities, it is also one of the least effective at promoting student learning.

Addressing this issue is the key to success for instructors in higher education today. Join us for How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement? and learn how you can try motivating students with your mini-lectures. Understanding how to deliver an effective presentation, capable of engaging students and communicating essential course content to today’s learners, will help you and your students achieve learning goals. After watching this video, you will:

  • Describe cognitive and educational psychology research in attention, engagement, learning, as well as information and memory processing
  • Distinguish between before and after examples of effective visuals and PowerPoint slides
  • Examine your methods for conveying information in order to heighten student attention, engagement, information processing, and retention of information
  • Reflect on how you might alter your methods as you apply research findings on presenting for heightened attention, engaging students, information processing, and retention

Topics Covered

Learn proven techniques you can use immediately to transform your lectures from necessary evils to persuasive presentations. Drawing on her extensive classroom and faculty development experience, Christy Price demonstrates how educating and motivating students gets easier when you develop mini-lectures that are based on how the brain works. She will also delve into:

  • Guided practice
  • Zen presentation style
  • Relevant course content
  • Embedded classroom assessment techniques
  • Positive experiences for student learners

You will also learn how to avoid death by PowerPoint.


Magna 20-Minute Mentors are developed by and for busy faculty who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in higher education. This session focuses on the needs of classroom faculty.

Prices interactive, engaging, and sometimes humorous speaking style, combined with her detailed recommendations of additional resources, make How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement? an ideal seminar for mid-career higher education professionals as well as new instructors.


The human brain is, by nature, a novelty seeker. In this session, discover how to stop fighting the brains natural tendencies and, instead, put them to work engaging students. Prices tips are so practical you’ll be able to use them in your next class session, so don’t delay-order today and start delivering more persuasive mini-lectures tomorrow.

Make it easy for your colleagues to benefit from this professional development opportunity and purchase a Campus Access License. All members of your campus community will be able to access this session at their convenience through your institutions internal website.

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