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Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?


Distracted learning is, at times, hardly learning at all. Learn how multitasking during class affects learning and what you can do to change student behaviors and attitudes about dividing attention during class time.


Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?

Weaned on technology, today’s students can juggle more inputs from various stimuli than can any other generation.

They can process and prioritize incoming signals and either act on them or store them instantly.

Yes, many of today’s students—even those born before 1985—are adept at incorporating technology into every moment of their lives.

But just because they are doing other things while they text, like, or scroll doesn’t mean that they are doing any of it well.

In fact, study after study shows that grades suffer when students use phones, tablets, or computers for purposes other than learning at the same time that they are trying to learn.

Yet when students believe they can successfully divide their attention between their coursework and their devices, it is incredibly difficult to get them to stop.

But that doesn’t mean you have to surrender their attention to Facebook and Instagram during your class.

It just means you have to approach the problem a little differently, and you can learn how in Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?

Learning Goals

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Understand how multitasking affects learning
  • Know how to develop policies that limit distractions during class
  • Recognize opportunities to incorporate personal devices into class for learning purposes
  • Know how to engage students in the problem and steer them toward solutions that they help craft and that work for them

Topics Covered

This program debunks commonly held notions about students capacities to multitask, and then it evaluates three distinct approaches you could adopt to help limit multitasking in your classrooms.

The presenter backs up her assertions with current research, and she shares her sources so you can delve into findings in greater depth on your own.

Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class? presents solutions that have worked for other instructors and that can work for you.

Yes, staring at a screen instead of an instructor is disrespectful. Disrupting classmates with devices is inconsiderate. But the biggest problem is that multitasking prevents students from doing their best.

This video can help you change that.


Learning is a sophisticated process that is easily compromised with multitasking.

You can learn how to keep your students focused on the task at hand—and not on the devices in their hands—in Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking? Make your purchase now.

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